Guest Review: Spirit Legacy by E. E. Holmes

spirit legacyReviewed by Joanna

This is the first in a trilogy of supernatural novels about a young woman and her awakening to the ghostly world she had no idea she was a part of.

At the beginning of the book, our protagonist, Jess Ballard, is on her way to live with her aunt after losing her mother to apparent suicide. Jess’s life before that had been one of constant shift, with her alcoholic mother moving them from state to state with no real place they called home for long. Later in the book, much later, we learn why the mother had such little staying power and also the truth of why she died.

Before this, Jess starts college, makes new friends and starts up a flirtation with a cute guy named Evan. But all’s not right with Evan Corbett and Jess needs to work out what the issue is so she can help him. Not that he remembers asking for her help.

Who is the mysterious Hannah? And why did the medium freak out and throw Jess out of her carnival tent? Level-headed Jess needs answers to prove she isn’t going mad so she confides in her roomie, Tia, plus Pierce, the weirdo parapsychology lecturer at her school. But there’s one person who refuses to provide answers: her neurotic aunt. And she holds a wealth of secrets.

This is a ghost novel more than it is NA or a romance and though I enjoyed reading it, I really would’ve liked more Evan-time. I hope he manifests somehow in the second novel. (SPOILER: this is a pun. Ah, never mind.)

It wasn’t the fastest paced book in the world and there were a couple of places when I felt the editor should’ve kicked an amount of over-description to the curb (the elderly people’s home, all the parapsych extras in the library – I sort of skipped some of the detail about the one-scene wonders. If they come up again later in the sequel, I’ll learn about them then).

Overall, the story was well written and the dialogue and Jess’s character kept my interest. How she challenged and accepted the events that happened to her was interesting to read and her life at college was fun.

I’ve put book 2 on my back list to read at some point in the future, on the strength of the latter chapters and the anticipated growing powers and new world will Jess inhabit.

I can recommend if you like non-hysterical NA ghost stories.

Rating: B

*ARC provided by author for an honest review

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Spirit Legacy
by EE Holmes
Release Date: July 2, 2013

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