Review: Bitter Bite by Jennifer Estep

bitter biteReviewed by Jen

I’m happy to say that this book lives up to a pretty exciting premise. It’s all about Finn’s long lost mother, who is back from the dead and up to no good. Gin knows it. Bria knows it. Unfortunately, Finn DOESN’T know it. He is vulnerable in a way that we don’t normally see him, because like anyone would, he wants to believe his mother loves him. He wants the relationship with her that he has missed his entire life.

I enjoyed this book. It’s still in Gin’s first person POV, but in many ways this is Finn’s book. It’s all about his relationship with his mother; about how it affects Gin and Bria; about the mystery of how and why she left him –and what she wants from him now. And Gin is the same reliable, loyal protector she has always been. She tries to protect him in every way, but you know it’s a matter of time before it all blows up in her face… and his.

I really love Gin as a heroine. She is not only incredibly strong and brutal, she is unfailing in her loyalty. Which is why I want to kick her loved ones when they doubt her. (*ahem*) Yes, Finn, I am talking to you here. But Bria had her turn. As did Owen. And speaking of that, perhaps my favorite scene in the book has Owen and Finn facing off over doubting her. Such a guy conversation, but I loved it.  They were both right. They’re both stupid.

Anyway, I also love how vital Fletcher still is in Gin’s life. The man has been dead since book one, but he is such a force in the story. He has made such a mark on Gin; he is still her touchstone. It makes me mourn the fact that we have only ever known him in her memories.

The actual mystery involving Finn’s mom was ok. It didn’t play out exactly as I thought, which is good. This was really more about what her manipulations meant for our characters… and it does a great job setting up the next phase of the series. It looks like everything is turning on its ear, and I’m very curious to see where Jennifer Estep will take the story next.

Rating: B

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Bitter Bite
by Jennifer Estep
Release Date: February 23, 3016
Publisher: Pocket Books

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