Review: Grave Visions by Kalayna Price

grave visionsReviewed by Jen

Waiting is hard. And it’s tempting to give up on a series when you have to wait a long time between installments, especially if you don’t have a concrete date for your patience to payoff.  Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want to write off this series just because it’s been awhile since the last book. If you enjoyed the first three Alex Craft books, you going to love this one too. It picks up seamlessly where Grave Memory left off. And once I returned to this world, it felt like I never left.

If you haven’t read the previous books in this series, this is not the place to start. Pick up Grave Witch and go from there. Really. Go now.

Though it’s been years for us, it’s only been two weeks for Alex since Falin moved himself into her house. Two weeks since Death got him immortality back and he had to return to soul collecting. But even in that short period of time, things are changing. Alex gets pulled into a new case, where somehow people’s fears are coming to life and killing them. And her unwillingness to choose a fae court is coming to a head. If she doesn’t make a decision soon, it’s going to cost her in a way she never could have predicted. She’s getting pressure from all sides and ends up forced to work for the powerful and manipulative Winter Queen who just happens to pull Falin’s strings.

I have loved watching Alex evolve over the course of these books. She started out as a human –or so she thought– with only fleeting emotional connections and a wealth of ignorance about who she is and the fae that share her world. But she has grown so much, both in her interpersonal relationships and her understanding of the world and her place in it. I remember when she was a one night stand girl. Now she is struggling with her very real feelings for Falin and Death and I can totally empathize with her indecision. Both men love her in their own ways, yet neither is free to truly be with her. While the last book was very Death-centric, Falin has the larger role here, and it only serves to tie me Alex up inside even more. But only in a delicious angsty-way.

We also get more of Alex’s dad, who really intrigues me. I want to know his story! I want continue to explore all of these fascinating and distinct courts that Kaylayna Price is giving us peeks into. I want to see who –or what– Alex is meant to be. I want more of the enigmatic characters like the King of Shadows and Dugan, the prince of the shadow court. I want more from the collectors. I just want… more. And I say that not because this book is lacking, but because it not. It’s exciting and engaging. It’s smart and layered. It’s got characters with depth and emotional resonance.

And I am so glad that there is more to come. Hopefully, the next wait will be shorter, but however long it is, I have a feeling it will be worth it.

Rating: B+/A-

*ARC provided by publisher

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Grave Visions
by Kalayna Price
Release Date: February 2, 2016
Publisher: Roc



  1. I’ve really enjoyed this series, but the wait time in between is really long. I did a reread last year when I heard that a fourth book was finally coming out, so hopefully I’m ready for this one. If you liked it, I probably will also since I think we have pretty similar tastes.

  2. Chris Vernon says:

    The Author had medical issues. I’m glad we got a 4th and will patiently wait as she hopefully writes about a gazillion more!!

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