Review: Jaz’s Warriors by Ann Mayburn

jazs warriorsReviewed by Shelly

What a fun, short read that made no sense at all. I loved it! I’ve read from Ann Mayburn before, and it’s not always been a hit for me. If this was a contemporary, I wouldn’t have kind words, but it’s not – it’s sci-fi, paranormal (there’s some anatomy changes for the guys) and that makes all the difference in the world.

Jazmine Brooks is a couples therapist. She’s also from Earth and one of the many human women chosen as brides/mates to Kadothian warriors – Mavet and Xentix. Jaz is perfectly happy as an ambassador and spokesperson for the women of Earth. She’s bonded with her mates and living on a large ship (I’m not sure where the ship is going) helping her fellow human women adapt to their new roles as bond mates to not just one husband, but to as many as 8. I didn’t read the first story in the series, so I’m not sure of the time frame between this and that but I’m going to guess it’s around the same time as this is a .5 and not book 2.

I probably should have checked Goodreads prior to reading this, because I wasn’t expecting 3 men in the relationship, but 3 men there are. I can’t keep track of anything over 2, and this proved it again. Because of the sheer volume of information that’s usually packed into a novella, I things have to move quickly, but this one happened speed dating fast. Everything happens at once – a single day. Jaz is introduced to and mated to the 3rd warrior, very quickly. No rest for the weary, I guess.

There was more of Jaz and Tandar’s relationship than was mentioned of her, Mavet and Xentix or even her and Mavet or her and Xentix . There’s a lot of sex, a lot. For this reader, way too much for such a short book. But as I previously said, the story makes no sense and once I realized that, I was free to move about the cabin and just enjoy this for the ridiculous nonsense that it is.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B

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Jaz’s Warriors
by Ann Mayburn
Release Date: February 18, 2016
Publisher: Honey Mountain Publishing

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