Review: P.S. You’re Mine by Alexa Riley

ps youre mineReviewed by Shelly

A fun novella by a new to me author. Katie Lovely, a young high school teacher, is a bit shy when it comes to guys – okay, she’s a lot shy. During a class project for which her students are tasked with writing to soldiers stationed overseas, Katie finds her class one student shy. Left with little choice but to send a letter herself, she writes to Sgt Major Mark Gunner (even the name sounds awesome). Mark’s on his last tour. He’s put in his 20 years and is ready to retire from his current role; that’s especially true when he reads Katie’s first letter.

At 24, Katie’s social life is a little on the sparse side. Okay, she’s doesn’t have one. Her best friend, Tammy, who also lives next door, is a happily married woman, so the chance for the weekend single life bar hopping and hooking up is out the door. This was a plus for me because I’m truly sick and tired (yep, I just said that) of these NA stories that are all about hooking up and one night stands. So once I realized that Katie and Mark are falling in love through letters all started with this letter writing campaign, I just settled in and finished this in one sitting.

As this is a novella, there’s not a lot that I can tell you that won’t spoil the fun. But I’ll tell you that the chemistry was there between these two. That’s not to say there wasn’t a bit of angst on Katie’s part, but she was nervous for valid reasons, because writing is one thing, seeing someone in real life could be something completely different. All in all, it was good, and I would definitely recommend if you don’t mind a military older hero with a young innocent heroine.

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Rating: B

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P.S. You’re Mine
by Alexa Riley
Release Date: January 30, 2016

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