Review: The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan

game planReviewed by Joanna

Mmm. Beards. This third book in the Game On series follows beautifully bearded Ethan ‘Dex’ Dexter and Fiona Mackenzie getting their chance at being tussled in love, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Dex is a different kind of hero from those in the previous books. In no way a playa, he’s serious and the father figure of the college football players we met in the first book. He’s a huge, quiet, tattooed, lumbersexual kind of guy. And he’s untested both by heart and penis.

Yep, he’s a virgin. One of my favorite tropes. He’s just waiting for the right girl to give it up, and in she comes in the form of Fi – woodworker, interior designer, and sister of his friend’s wife. Fi’s fun and outgoing – everything Dex isn’t. He’s had a crush on her for a long time, particularly when she stripped to swim at her sister’s wedding.

She noticed him but didn’t NOTICE him until they meet at a gig and he gets her to feel up that beard. It’s a hot start to the book and an entertaining romp where they sort out a long-distance relationship and overcome the usual sorts of issues.

I enjoyed the read. Dex is hot. His body is hot and reading about it, yep. Hot. The New Orleans setting felt good, and I want to own Dex’s house. However, I didn’t feel that there were any real issues between the couple and their HEA. Kinda didn’t care about The Big Deal that gives them some problems at the end. The reaction Fi had felt incongruous to her character. I didn’t understand it – she’s a party girl, but she turned into a cringy wallflower. I wanted her to be ballsier, but she shrank for a while before coming good.

It was great seeing the other well-loved characters from previous books – Ivy and Gray, Drew and Anna – it allowed some of the banter to persist even though the players are not so close to each other anymore.

The series is to continue and I’ll be interested to see how Kristen Callihan keeps the context now we’re out of the confines of the college. I felt this book was a little disassociated / domesticated and other potential characters might not have the same connections that kept the first books together a series.

Overall a quality and satisfying read. Can be read as standalone.

Rating: B+/A-

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The Game Plan
by Kristen Callihan
Release Date: November 1, 2015


  1. Kristopher Dukes says:

    “He’s a huge, quiet, tattooed, lumbersexual kind of guy. And he’s untested both by heart and penis.” Best. Sentences. Ever.

  2. Lol TY. It’s a great book and certain bits of it have stayed with me. The ‘testing’ of Dex being one of them

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