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tristans escapeReviewed by Jen

As a fan of the Belador series, I’ve always wanted to get a little more time with Tristan. This guy has gotten a raw deal from the beginning and this novella really brings him full circle, as he comes face to face with the woman he’s long blamed for his imprisonment all those years.

I wish I could say I loved this one the way I generally love the novels in this series, but I can’t. One of the things that make the Belador books so good is the layered nature of the stories. There is always so much going on, from the main action plot with Evalle, to her romance with Storm, to the secondary plots surrounding Quinn and Tzader… these books make me think and I like that. This did not.

There is one layer. And yes, I know it’s a novella and that is limiting, but the one layer isn’t even that strong. Tristan teleports his buddy out of Treoir to visit his girlfriend, who betrays him by turning him in. And who should be part of the retrieval team but Mac, the woman who Tristan fell for years ago and spent exactly 10 days with before he was shipped off to his imprisonment.

Obviously Mac is not a bad guy or this romance wouldn’t really work out. But it’s all about misunderstandings and essentially insta-love, with a barely HFN.  It all feels so superficial and just lacks the resonance I usually get from this series.  It breaks everything down to its simplest explanations; it has no real secondary characters to speak of, and it just left me lukewarm.

The author’s note promises more of Tristan and Mac in future books. Maybe when I get their stories that follow, I’ll be glad I read this. But for now, not so much.

Rating: C/C-

*ARC provided by author for review

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Tristan’s Escape
by Dianna Love
Release Date: December 15, 2015
Publisher: Silver Hawk Press

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