Review: Two of a Kind by Destiny Wallace

two of a kindReviewed by Shelly

This is a few years old but it’s an I/R and I’ve got a weakness for those. Plus, I’m really trying to catch up on the (way) back list of my TBR. The thing about my TBR is, I actually buy a lot of the books and I just never get around to reading them. Some of them I’ll start and put down because I’m not in the right mind for that kind of story, and some of them I just never get started. God only knows what happened why I didn’t read this one. But I finally did, so that all that matters, right? That being said, I could have skipped this one and not felt one bit of sorrow.

Jake Miller and Sanai Jenkins live in the same apartment complex, across the hall from each other. Sanai’s physician boyfriend of a couple of years has recently moved to another city for a 6 month period. While he’s gone, the two of them start falling apart. He’s not returning her calls, and she’s getting frustrated that he’s not returning her calls. The thing that you must know here is that Sanai is from a ‘society’ family, and her mother really wants her and her sister to marry well – doctors or lawyers will do. Sanai’s sister’s already married her professional and has the 2 kids, homemaker/housewife status, and luxury vehicle as proof.

Jake is so far from what Sanai’s mother expects. He’s a sports reporter and he’s not the right color. He’s white while Sanai is black. Sanai’s one of those heroines I’m not too fond of. She wants to marry very well because her mother wants her to. And while she’s complaining about her mother on one hand, she’s doing exactly as her mother expects of her on the other. Neither Sanai nor her mother’s characters flowed well for me. They came off as flat and not interesting; there wasn’t too much in either of them that I cared for. The only one among the 3 of them I liked was the sister.

I wish I liked Jake, but there was nothing to like or dislike. The audience doesn’t get a lot of Jake’s back story, not even what he likes to do. We just know that he likes Sanai. Their relationship moved very quickly. As soon as she breaks up with the ex, Jake falls right into place. No time between men at all and for me, that spells rushed. There was much about this story that I wanted to like, but in the end I didn’t connect with either Jake or Sanai.

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Rating: C-/D+

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Two of a Kind
by Destiny Wallace
Release Date: March 13, 2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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