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Review: Leaving Lily Behind by Christine Wenrick

leaving lily behindReviewed by Shelly

This one took me a few chapters to get into, but once I was in, I was in. The last book in the Brahm Hill series was over a year ago and though you might want to read this as a standalone; it’s tightly connected to book 2. Alec and Poppy’s (Guarding Poppy – Book 2) story takes place somewhere along the same lines as the first part of this story. All that being said, what came back to me pretty quickly was the reason why I enjoy Christine Wenrick’s writing. It’s engaging and tickles the imagination for the possibilities on what the Dhampir, vampire, lycan world looks like. [Read more…]

Review: Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

corruptReviewed by Joanna

Go big or go home. This dark tale concerns Rika, a young woman growing up in small town America, and Michael, the angry alpha she comes up against (pun intended). Rika spend more time with her boyfriend’s family than her own, as it’s just her and her mother, and mother is mostly wasted. Michael, her boyfriend’s older brother, both fascinates and terrifies her; she’s been in love with him for years, yet he’s never noticed her. [Read more…]

Review: Release By Treaty by Kayla Stonor

release by treatyReviewed by Shelly

Very interesting stuff here, but I don’t know if that’s necessarily good for me as a reader. This is part of Kayla Stonor’s ‘Surrender Collection’ and unfortunately for me, I’ve not read any of the stories in that series, so I’m not sure if my enjoyment and understanding of this would have been greater had I read those stories.

Colonel Abe Marcel is a prisoner. I’m not sure if he’s a prisoner of war of if he’s just another prisoner, because his captives didn’t like people from where Marcel is from – Earth. Marcel’s rescuer is a Qui by the name of Dol’ce. Dol’ce’s been handpicked by the Qui’s Empress to rescue Marcel and bring him back to her then subsequently to Earth, his home. What Dol’ce doesn’t expect is the absolute hate that Marcel has for her people. I thought he had grounds for the way he felt because of the circumstances around the war. [Read more…]

Review: Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop

marked in fleshReviewed by Jen

This series does a lot of things right. The worldbuilding is so very cool. I’ve said from the beginning that I love how Anne Bishop makes her monsters so monstrous. The breadth and scope of Namid’s creatures are impressive –and they’re all so very interesting and unique. The main characters are engaging and well drawn. I care what happens to them. And there is a great series arc that is really coming to a head in this installment. [Read more…]

Review: Until You by Penelope Douglas

until youReviewed by Joanna

This is a retelling of the steamy Bully novel, this time from Jared’s perspective. Bully is about the relationship between a guy and girl who were best friends at age 11, enemies at 14, and become lovers at 17. (It’s set in the last year of high school, so the steaminess is okay.)

Jared is the bully to start with and Tate is his victim. Then she comes back from a year away in Paris and won’t take his crap anymore. She owns him, and they come together like two wrecking balls. It’s not sweet and high-schooly. It’s sexy and a little bit dark and I can’t get enough of this series.

Now I don’t mind a retelling of a good book, if it’s done well. This is. There’s a lot more extra content and the perspective is so different. Some scenes we don’t see, some we get a totally different view on, now we don’t have Tate’s assumptions and reactions. [Read more…]

Review: Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

fire touchedReviewed by Jen

It’s a pretty rare thing for a series to really hold on to its spark after nine installments. But this one does it. Reading this book was like falling back into a familiar world I know and love. I didn’t want to put it down, not because it was an adrenaline filled ride, but because I cared what would happen next. Mercy Thompson is a fantastic heroine.  She is not the strongest or the most powerful, but she is astute and loyal, and when the chips fall, she comes through every time. [Read more…]

Review: Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

beautiful redemptionReviewed by Joanna

Thomas and Liis meet in a bar and have a hot and passionate one night stand. She’s in a new city just about to start a new job and she’s just broken up with a guy to do all of this. Thomas is interested in more, but she tells him she’s emotionally unavailable, and they go their separate ways.

That’s all fine till she walks into her first team meeting in said new job and finds her new hard-ass boss in none other than Thomas. Awkward some.

They have to work together and her work bestie thinks he’ll be tougher on her, but she can more than hold her own against Thomas. Liis is a smart cookie. [Read more…]

Review: Closer to You: Lee by Marie Rochelle

closer to youReviewed by Shelly

I read the first book in the series years ago and must have made the decision somewhere along the line to forgo the second one. How I ended up with the 3rd book is a mystery, other than I know I bought book 3 years ago because the version I have is 2008 versus the more recent 2014 edition.

Lee Drace s the eldest of the Drace brothers and his sister in law, Cherise Roberts didn’t like him or the man who married her sister. Now, as I said, it’s been years since I read book 1, but from what I gather, Cherise didn’t like her sister’s husband because he’s white. I could be wrong there, but that’s all I could infer from what I was told. Lee likes Cherise because she’s smart, sexy and she keeps him on his toes. Cherise is a big girl and she’s got a body image problem that she believes can be solved by losing weight. I actually thought her problems could be solved by acting like a grown up, by not saying no, and allowing Lee to kiss, caress and put his fingers in places that they shouldn’t be if she really meant no. [Read more…]

Review: Unbinding by Eileen Wilks

unbindingReviewed by Jen

I have wanted more time with Kai and Nathan since they were introduced back in “Inhuman,” so I was actually pretty excited about the chance to get some quality time with them as lead characters.  I wasn’t disappointed. This book has a different feel than the others, to be sure, but I think it was smart for Eileen Wilks to take a break from Lily and Rule. After all, they got their big moment at the end of the last book. It was the culmination of their romance. Anything that happened with them was going to be small potatoes after that. So Wilks sent them on their honeymoon, and switched her focus. [Read more…]

Review: Wedding Night With the Earl by Amelia Grey

wedding night with the earlReviewed by Janell

Adam is the reluctant new Earl of Greyhawke. He’s been moping about the countryside with his dog for two years, mourning the death of his wife and baby in childbirth. He has zero f’s to give. But when an emissary from the Prince deposits a young boy on his doorstep and says, “This is your heir, you’d better train him well,” Adam decides to at least inspect his properties and peek at Society.

While at a ball, which he attended only for the food, he sees a beautiful woman and asks her to dance. After her refusal, and some impertinent conversation, she walks off, revealing her use of a cane. Awkward. [Read more…]