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bad bit niceReviewed by Shelly

I’m not a big fan of the all over body tattoos that have become so popular and trendy; really, a little goes a long way with me. But I’ll tell you this dear readers, if I’d judged this story by that standard, then I would have missed out on a very good story. What really drew me to this story was the age of the hero and the heroine. It’s so unlikely to run across a romance where both characters aren’t in their 20s or 30s and I’m not talking about when the hero is older while the heroine is much younger.

A Bad Bit Nice is my first story by Josie Kerr and it’s the first in her ‘Second Chance Neighbors’. I can’t say that I was disappointed in any one character – maybe the bad guy; he wasn’t bad enough. For a rare and pleasing change – everything fell in sync with me reading about Em and Mick.

Em Davidson’s just quit working for her boyfriend’s, Tripp, family business. The thing is that Em’s got a graduate degree in Irish Studies but works in the IT department. Interesting choice, yes? Even she admits that her graduate degree serves no purpose. I’m not even sure why she chose that degree because she’s really not that flaky. Em’s relationship with her boyfriend was a little unclear to me. The more I read, the more I was convinced that Em’s character didn’t suggest being a doormat but she acted like one in her personal life. She was so smart and efficient in her business world that it was hard for me to see her as being someone that Tripp could continue to use and do it so easily.

Then there’s Mick Brennan. Mick’s a widower of some 20 years that lived on the bottom half of the Victorian house that Em ends up moving into. Mick’s a very interesting kind of guy; he’s also 6’6’ and 200 lbs – which sounds skinny but if you picture a swimmers build, that should make it better. You’re welcome.

Mick’s a smart guy, he used to be a professional musician but now has a great business building studios for musicians and entertainers. Like Em at her new job, Mick does his fair share of traveling and both of them have to deal a lot with Rory. The dynamic between Mick and his best friend Rory was so much fun for me, it really enhanced the overall fell of the story. Knowing each other for 30 years from when they were children, the guys literally grew up together and still act like children when they’re together. Very funny scenes between them.

There’s a lovely side story about Mick’s attachment to Rory’s family. And although that was a joy to read, the interesting story line was about Mick and his long missing brother. That was absolutely heart wrenchingly sad.

Both Em and Mick are very hesitant to starting something. They take their time and I can’t tell you how refreshing, I mean absolutely refreshing it is to read a romance where the couple isn’t jumping into sexy time at first glance and within 2 minutes of meeting each other. Thank you Kerr! But I digress.

Em and Mick get to know each other and things start unfolding. One of the things that I really liked was that there were no secrets between these two. There was just a getting to know you process that read true and so there was no time for secrets, just an honesty between Em and Mick.

There are a few things that didn’t make sense to me – the time frame between Mick’s wife’s death and Em’s presence in his life. I know he was busy in that time, but 20 years? Then there’s the whole thing with Em’s never living alone until she’s 43 and in all that time, she’s always been single. So she’s basically gone from her parents home, to a roommate like situation and/or live-in boyfriend situation. I had some trouble with that, but I guess it could happen.

The secondary characters from Em’s best friend, Ashley, to Mick’s best friend, Rory. Rory’s parents. Tripp’s father and all the wonderfully told characters in the middle – I can’t recommend A Bad Bit Nice enough.

Ashley and Rory’s stories are up next. Can’t wait!

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley

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A Bad Bit Nice
by Josie Kerr
Release Date: September 22, 2015
Publisher: Hot Words and Cold Coffee, LLC


  1. Thank you, a big thank you, for news of a good book w/ older lead characters. I don’t begrudge folks their YA and NA, but geesh. Think of the size of the market for us 40+ers. When I saw that A Bad Bit Nice is $0.99 at Amazon, I couldn’t click fast enough.

    Your review made my day.

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