Review: Angel 6.0: Concubine by Travis Luedke

angel concubineReviewed by Shelly

I’ve had this in my TBR for a while, but I’m glad I finally got around to it. The concept is interesting. Before I get started, allow me get this part done first – Angelina, yes picture the famous bearer to that name, is genetically engineered. She wasn’t born a baby and grew into adulthood, she stepped out of an incubator in an adult body and has been in a lab environment all 6 years she’s been ‘alive’. The thing about Angel is that not only is the lab the only world she’s even known or have experience with, she’s been programmed by the man who created her to have an interesting tolerance, you could even say exuberance, for pain. And that elation sets the tone for many of her actions.

In this the first installment in the series, Luedke does a fantastic job of getting the into Angel’s mind. Even though it’s told in 1st POV, that’s not always a guarantee of understanding. There’s so many things about Angel that I found to be contradictory that I had a hard time find empathy for her. Then again, I also found myself reading because Luedke’s writing is really that good. You know there’s going to be a wreck, but you can’t help looking – that’s the way I felt reading this. It’s nail-biting frustrating.

After losing her home, her lover, the only man she knew as a father and then being taken as slave by The Gran – Angel’s only goal in life is now survival so she can escape. The Gran are an alien race of cats. They’re smart, top of the food chain felines who walk on their hind legs and they also have many human-like attributes (you know what I’m talking ‘bout). The leader, Captain Cronin, of The Gran who takes Angel is captivated by the ‘more than human’ aspects of Angel and he soon takes her on as his concubine. Angel quickly realizes that she’ll do whatever it takes to survive and no, it’s not pretty or even something she wants to discuss, but it’s necessary for the clothes on her back and the food in her belly.

This isn’t your garden variety romance, sci-fi, erotica. There are some very dark themes in this including self mutilation, Angel’s a cutter, sexual sadism and masochism. Even though I found the story very interesting, I’m not sure that the dark road that Angel is about to travel is a road I want to know about.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+

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Angel 6.0: Concubine
by Travis Luedke
Release Date: March 24, 2015


  1. Interesting book. I think I have this book as well when I got it for some giveaway I entered. I haven’t read it yet but I had no idea of the dark romance. I thought it would be more of a PNR than anything. I’ll have to pull it up and read it soon.

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