Review: Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

beautiful redemptionReviewed by Joanna

Thomas and Liis meet in a bar and have a hot and passionate one night stand. She’s in a new city just about to start a new job and she’s just broken up with a guy to do all of this. Thomas is interested in more, but she tells him she’s emotionally unavailable, and they go their separate ways.

That’s all fine till she walks into her first team meeting in said new job and finds her new hard-ass boss in none other than Thomas. Awkward some.

They have to work together and her work bestie thinks he’ll be tougher on her, but she can more than hold her own against Thomas. Liis is a smart cookie.

Thomas has got his own issues – he’s mega hung up over an ex. The fragile start to Thomas and Liis relationship is tested when they go undercover as a couple to Thomas’s youngest brother Travis’s wedding. Not sure why they both had to go, but apparently it was important he had a date.

So it throws them together and tests her unavailability and his ex issues. Oh, I think she had to go as he might have problems staying impartial cos he needs to ask his brother something important. At his wedding. Anyway, there was a reason.

SPOILER FOR BEAUTIFUL OBLIVION – Thomas is in love with Cami from the previous book in the Maddox Brothers series. Except she dumped him for his brother, Trent. She’s mentioned a lot and is at the wedding and annoys me all over again. From now, on we’ll just call her his ex.

Thomas is a Maddox brother and as we all know, when they fall in love, they love forever. So there are three people in the relationship, and when they all attend the wedding it’s awkward.

I was worried about a HEA being possible for this couple. I liked Liis but I didn’t really connect with her. I think Thomas was an interesting character, though his official hard-ass professional appearance was only skin-deep and there was a standard Maddox brother just under the surface.

The setting was good – I liked the change of scene and the shift to California, and the FBI workplace and the colleagues were cool. It didn’t feel too heavy or stifling as office/police-based drama can be.

The ongoing links to the Maddox family and events from Beautiful Disaster kept me interested, though I really wanted more from the end scene – I feel cheated that I didn’t get to see the sting in detail, though this might have been difficult to write because of the time it took. I didn’t buy the cover story either (not saying any more as it would mean a spoiler but it didn’t sit right).

Overall this was one of my favorites of the Maddox Brothers series, though I felt it hamstrung itself with the ‘love forever’ trope.

Rating: B+

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Beautiful Redemption
by Jamie McGuire
Release Date: January 27, 2015

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