Review: Beautiful Sacrifice by Jamie McGuire

beautiful sacrificeReviewed by Joanna

Third in the Maddox Brothers series, I’d say this book is the weakest in terms of setting and character development. It’s told from the POV of Falyn, a waitress in a small and pretty boring town. Falyn is the daughter of a mayor and his prissy wife, and she’s down on her luck after turning her back on her parents (with very good reason). She saves part of her measly salary in a shoe box (Why? Has she never heard of a credit card?) because she’s saving to buy a plane ticket to Eakins, Illinois.

One day, this cute firefighter guy comes into her café and her stand-offish attitude turns him on. Meet Taylor, one of the twins of the Maddox brothers. He pursues Falyn, and by just over halfway through the book, has got her. He happens to be from Eakins and his dad happens to be the neighbor of the person Falyn so desperately wants to see. He says he’ll take her with him when he goes home, and in that time they’ve fallen for each other. Yay.

But then everything goes wrong, and as always happens in these books; the protagonists do it to themselves. Boo. This has become an issue for me now with this series. It’s so formulaic it’s almost the same % of the way through each book when the same sort of things happens.

In this example, Falyn issues this pretty ridiculous ultimatum to Taylor, which is annoying and completely unreasonable. Sure she has a messed up thing in her past, but her reasoning showed limited intelligence, limited ability to use g=Google, talk to any professionals or to really understand her options. Taylor should have run a mile. Oh wait, he sort of does.

Taylor, the of course handsome and winning Maddox man, then goes and does something really stupid when they separate. When he’s meant to be considering this really important but pretty dumb ultimatum. (Were they on a break? I think this is vital, and I’m not sure.)

I hated what Taylor, did but it left them with an interesting future which they’ll dine out on for years to come.

MASSIVE SPOILER – why are your kids so close in age? Oh! Funny story! Just before I got pregnant, after never expecting to be able to, my husband knocked up this other chick and she was a cold bitch who didn’t want the baby and gave him to us! How we laughed.

Overall, JM is a great writer, and the first half of the book is cute enough and engaging in the usual MB way. But I didn’t much like the plot or conclusion to this story. Also, Falyn was dull and weak; I didn’t like her choices and found them hard to understand. I also didn’t accept that they could be so easily resolved either. After such a fuss? Hmmn. Taylor was a douche as well. I don’t care about their HEA and that sucks.

Rating: C+/B-

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Beautiful Sacrifice
by Jamie McGuire
Release Date: May 31, 2015

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