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9781101634790_BreakingOut_CV.inddReviewed by Jaimie

Breaking Out is the second book in the Surrender series by Lydia Michaels. If you’ve read my review of Falling In you will know that I loved the first book and couldn’t wait to dive into the second one. Unfortunately, this one didn’t quite live up to my expectations. The hero just didn’t sit right with me, and I was very frustrated with a lot of it.

As you might recall, at the end of Falling In, Evelyn and Lucian were happy and in love, but the issue of his promise to Parker was hanging over Lucian’s head. At the very end of the book, Parker is offered a job by Lucian’s former best friend (and Evelyn hater) Slade, and we know that’s going to throw a monkey wrench in the story.

Breaking Out starts with a hot interlude between the lovebirds in his office, but it goes progressively downhill from there. We see more of Lucian’s sisters, which in the case of Toni is not necessarily a good thing… The verbal foreplay between her and Lucian’s best friend Shamus is fun, but otherwise she’s a bit of a spoiled brat.

Evelyn can tell something isn’t quite right with Lucian, but he doesn’t give her any hints. She starts making jewelry and finds that she not only loves it, but she has quite a talent for it as well. Slowly she becomes more confident in his love for her and is settling in to her new life. Parker is on her mind, but she doesn’t know that he had a job at the hotel, and Lucian is not yet aware that Parker has gone on to work with Slade.

Pearl is still in rehab and is still being a vile cow to Evelyn. This is a woman that does not want to be clean, and for some reason, Evelyn just won’t accept that. Seeing her makes Evelyn think even more about Parker and she takes off without telling Lucian to try to find him. Obviously that doesn’t go over well, but it makes Lucian realize he’s going to have to let her see Parker so she stops worrying about him.

And this is where it went completely haywire. Lucian takes Evelyn away for the weekend and proposes to her. She panics and says no and he tells her they need to break up for 30 days. He’s got an apartment all set up for her even though he thought she would say yes to his proposal. Just like that, Lucian honors the promise he made to Parker and crushes the woman he loves in the process. It just makes absolutely no sense given the fact that there has been a ton of talk about how Lucian always gets what he wants and he’s intimidating and on and on.
Evelyn is a hot mess and is understandably confused as to what happened. She does a 180 personality wise and is an insecure, whiny shell of the woman she had started to become. It was frustrating, but not nearly as frustrating as wondering why in the hell Lucian would ever follow through with the promise he made.
Parker eventually tracks Evelyn down while Lucian goes to visit his father. He finds out his father is dying, but as much as he tries he can’t forgive him for abandoning them. Evelyn moves in with Parker as friends and still can’t see that he’s in love with her. She also still doesn’t know about this ridiculous promise that Lucian made and she believes he just doesn’t care.
Just as Evelyn starts to get her groove back – she gets a job and is joining the land of the living again – and Lucian comes storming back into her life like a bull in a china shop. She FINALLY finds out about the bullshit promise that Lucian made, but she wisely kicks them both to the curb.

Overall the book was just meh. The transformation of both the hero and the heroine was annoying, and had this been the first book, I wouldn’t finish the series. But I wanted to see the trilogy through, so I will go on with the next book in the series.

Rating: C

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Breaking Out
by Lydia Michaels
Release Date: November 19, 2013
Publisher: InterMix

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