Review: Coming Home by Lydia Michaels

coming homeReviewed by Jaimie

Coming Home is the final book in the Surrender trilogy by Lydia Michaels, and after the underwhelming second book, I was a little concerned. Thankfully Ms. Michaels turned things around, and the series was finished off in a satisfying way.

You may recall that at the end of Breaking Out, Scout has discovered the deal between Lucien and Parker, and she smartly walked away from them both. As the story picks up, Scout is trying to make it on her own, with a plan to start her own business and a plan to learn to read and write.

Determined to not accept no for an answer, Lucian sets out to win Scout back despite her objections. She is determined to be alone and really you can’t blame her after what happened. When she sees an article in a tabloid about Lucian being spotted out with another woman, the jealousy is overwhelming. Despite telling him to move on, she decides to show up at a fundraiser he’s holding with a male friend to hurt Lucian.

It turns out that the woman Lucian has been seeing has done some research on Evelyn and knows all about Pearl and her issues. She threatens to reveal everything if Evelyn doesn’t stay away from Lucian and naturally all hell breaks loose.

Things start slowly turning around for Lucian and Scout. She’s letting him back in bit by bit, but insists on keeping her apartment and her job. I’m not going to give anything away but a couple of things happen at once and there are some really emotional moments.

Overall this was a great finish to the series. The first and third books were really good, so I was able to forgive the second. We find out why Slade hates Evelyn and it is completely not what I expected. There is some measure of closure with Parker, and the Pearl storyline is wrapped up realistically. Hopefully we get the stories of some of the other characters because I think they could be great!

Rating: B+

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Coming Home
by Lydia Michaels
Release Date: January 21, 2014
Publisher: InterMix


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