Review: Wedding Night With the Earl by Amelia Grey

wedding night with the earlReviewed by Janell

Adam is the reluctant new Earl of Greyhawke. He’s been moping about the countryside with his dog for two years, mourning the death of his wife and baby in childbirth. He has zero f’s to give. But when an emissary from the Prince deposits a young boy on his doorstep and says, “This is your heir, you’d better train him well,” Adam decides to at least inspect his properties and peek at Society.

While at a ball, which he attended only for the food, he sees a beautiful woman and asks her to dance. After her refusal, and some impertinent conversation, she walks off, revealing her use of a cane. Awkward.

Katherine Wright is the orphaned niece of a Duke, and she’s promised her uncle to finally get married this Season, even though she’s not really into any of the guys who are after her. She’s quite intrigued by Adam, but he makes it clear pretty quickly that he only wants to flirt with her, he will Never Marry Again.

Their meet-cute is pretty cute. And they have a scandalous kiss because, “You have a choice to make, Miss Wright. You can either give me the cane or I’m going to kiss you.” Their attraction is hot and fun. Adam is amazed that he can be attracted to someone when he’d practically sworn off women, and Katherine is amazed to feel desire when she expected to have to just settle for a man who’s not an old geezer.

I enjoyed their growing romance. They keep running into each other around town, and they both remark on the crazy coincidence and then they start making out. There’s a lot of kissing in this book.

My main problem was Adam’s problem: he believes that if he gets a woman pregnant, she’ll die, because the baby will be too large or something. When he finally explains this to Katherine, she reasonably asks if he plans to sleep alone for the rest of his life. His answer is basically, Foolish Woman, Mistresses know how to avoid pregnancy. And I wanted to punch him for the double standard of it all. As if a mistress never got pregnant. And as if it would be her fault, because she’s supposed to know better.

But I digress. Katherine wants a house full of children, so even if she learned the art of birth control, she wouldn’t want to practice it. Here’s another digression: when things get hot and heavy between them, and Adam refuses to actually go all the way with Katherine, he doesn’t offer her any other pleasure! It seems like every romance I read lately, the guy goes down on the woman first thing, and ensures her satisfaction. I was slightly ticked off that Adam didn’t do that for Katherine.

Anyhow, everything works out in the end, with some witty banter and a pretty good final scene. I just wish Adam had been more progressive.

Rating: B

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Wedding Night With the Earl
by Amelia Grey
Release Date: March 1, 2016
Publisher: St. Martins

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