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Review: Tangled by Kate Douglas

tangledReviewed by Joanna

Cassie makes wine. Dream. Job. She lives on her family vineyard though it now belongs to someone else as her ill father made some bad financial decisions, forcing the sell-off. Part of the deal is she stays on for five years and also that a new vineyard manager is brought in.

The owner hires Nate for the job. Yum. Think Bradley Cooper, the author suggests. Yes, yes I will. So Nate turns up late one night with his life in his truck and he and Cassie hit it off. And by that I mean they hit it. Right there and then on the first evening they meet. Somewhat fueled by the wine they sample (2 bottles – I’d be on the floor too, but passed out) but also by the huge mutual attraction that these two good-looking, single vineyarders find between them. [Read more…]

Review: Lust is the Thorn by Jen McLaughlin

lust is the thornReviewed by Jen

I love a good forbidden romance. That’s why I generally jump on the tempted priest stories whenever I see them. After all, you don’t get a lot more forbidden than that. Here’s the thing with this book, though — it’s a bit different from your average priest romance, because the hero is about as far from your average priest as they come. He’s hot. He’s ripped. He has a dirty, dirty past filled with sex, drugs, and debauchery. And he really doesn’t even want to take his vows, so much as he feels like he has to.  So while there is some teeth gnashing over falling for the heroine, it’s not exactly what you might think. [Read more…]

Review: My Perfect Mistake by Kelly Siskind

my perfect mistakeReviewed by Joanna

Shay and Kolton meet on a ski holiday in Aspen when they literally run in to one another on the slopes. He blames her for not looking uphill when she merged; she says he blindsided her. He’s the Asshole. She’s the Bitch.

They argue and she skis off, but they meet again later that evening when her friends see his – they also met on the slopes. Shay and Kolton’s spark turns into an inferno and they end up screwing in the bathroom of the guy’s lodge, despite still hating each other. And bareback too, which says how little they could control themselves. [Read more…]

Review: Magnate by Joanna Shupe

magnateReviewed by Janell

Lizzie Sloane is part of a rich Knickerbocker family in New York. If you, like me, are unfamiliar with the Knickerbockers, I would say that they’re like the English ton: the snobs who cling to breeding, rules, and tradition, looking down on the nouveau riche. The year is 1888, and Lizzie wants to open her own stock brokerage firm, which is obviously not going to be easy.

She approaches Emmett Cavanaugh, the former gutter snipe turned superrich owner of a steel company, because he’s a friend of her brother’s and he might give her financial backing. Emmett is his own type of snob — he doesn’t think she has the cunning to succeed, and he actually hates her brother. Lizzie is strong-willed, though, and very attractive even though she’s not his usual type of woman, so Emmett gives her a trial run to see if she even knows how to make money on the exchange. [Read more…]

Review: Sentenced: A Jaded Regret Novel by L.L.Collins

sentencedReviewed by Joanna

Johnny is a total slut. He uses sex to quiet the negative feelings he has about his life and how messed up he is. He’s supremely attractive and confident with the ladies, so that’s handy, but he’s also an ex con and 2 years out of prison. Apparently he isn’t a really bad guy – he just fell into a bad crowd after his parents kicked him out cos he wouldn’t join the family business <– such assholes. Then he was stuck in a drug ring because he fell in love with a girl, but it all ended horribly and he’s scarred. [Read more…]

Review: One With You by Sylvia Day

one with youReviewed by Jen

The Crossfire series is now one of those polarizing collections where most people either gush uncontrollably about the books or spew buckets of hate over them. With this book, as with the last, I fall somewhere in the realm of meh. It has its moments. It gave me some of what I wanted. But it’s also meandering and self-indulgent. It manages to go both too fast and too slow at the same time, and in the end left me feeling… incomplete. [Read more…]

Review: Vexed by Phoenyx Slaughter

vexedReviewed by Joanna

Athena has just turned 18 and is a sweet little thing. She’s got a lady boner for the president of the local motorcycle club and wants to give up her v-card to him. She heads into the biker bar with her friend who’s under instruction to tell the Prez that Athena is now good and legal. Wink wink.

Romeo, or Reed is his real name, has a different woman every night and doesn’t exactly seem the kind and caring type. He’s a hard ass and nearly twice Athena’s age, but something about her makes him reconsider being such a low down dog. He wants to take care of her just as much as he wants to screw. [Read more…]

Review: La Vie en Rose by Lydia Michaels

La Vie en RoseReviewed by Shelly

I’ve read a few stories by this author and they’ve all been interesting in their own right. I’ve not liked them all with equal fervor, but the themes have varied and that’s what made me read this. The blurb was loose in the description of the sequence of events, and there’s no hint of the heroine or hero’s age but I should have known. The stories (Breaking Perfect and the Surrender Trilogy) I’ve read by Michaels have always had a young heroine while the hero is a tad bit older, but the hero has always had wealth to fall back on. I say that to say this – what happened to Emma is tragic, it really is, but if I had my druthers (which I don’t) I would have had the financial aspect be that additional burden that we mere mortals all struggle with. [Read more…]

Review: Didn’t I Warn You by Amber Bardan

didnt i warn youReviewed by Joanna

The premise of this book annoyed me so much I almost quit it, assuming it was a rich guy / sexy time fantasy with no story. But this isn’t true, and it’s not a bad yarn. This is the tale of Angelina and Haithem. They are strangers who spot each other in a Melbourne café and have one of those Oh Baby moments where they do bad things to each other with their eyes.

She goes off to a job interview and who should be in the lift as it’s descending, but Haithem. They kiss passionately, and then she bolts, having got a handle on herself. So far so good. Then I had issue-city for a couple of chapters. Angelina hails a cab and secretly tracks Haithem to his super yacht. She then chickens out of trying to see him, goes home and goes to a party with her friend. [Read more…]

Review: ‘Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick

til death do us partReviewed by Janell

This is a fun Victorian romance with a twisty murder mystery. Calista and her brother inherited a big, fancy house, but they don’t have the means to keep it running. For income, Calista holds weekly salons where like-minded people might meet each other. It’s not a matchmaking service, and she’s definitely not setting innocent young women in the paths of predatory men. However, if some attendees happen to fall in love, all the better.

Trevor’s sister attends these salons, and he thinks they’re a bunch of malarky, so he sets out to investigate. While he’s eventually convinced that Calista’s business is legit, he also discovers that Calista is being targeted with creepy gifts, and Trevor takes it upon himself to help her. [Read more…]