Review: Because You Are Mine by Lena Hart

because you are mineReviewed by Shelly

Since I discovered this author a few weeks/months ago, I’m having a hard time moving on. I read a few of her other stories, and I enjoyed them for the escape they provided. This is one I didn’t care for as much. It’s good, but I’ve read better stories from Lena Hart so I can’t say that my like is as high.

Cara Sinclair has always liked –you could even say loved– Drake Ross. They met when they we both very young (as Cara’s mom was the nursing aide to Drake’s grandmother) and created a very strong friendship. The story starts off with Cara being assaulted, we don’t know by who, but the assumption is that it’s Drake. Cara’s step-father, that jerk, convinces the sheriff that Drake is the person who assaulted Cara, because her blood is on his hands. Okay, go with me here for a second because that part is so convenient for the storyline that somehow the author thinks that neither this reader nor the local law enforcement doesn’t need actual evidence to convict. But it’s okay, because not a lot of time is spent on Drake’s time behind bars anyway.

We jump 12 years into their future where Cara’s working as an analyst at a consulting company and Drake is hired as her new director/boss. We don’t know what either has been doing in the previous years other than getting to the places where they are now. Without a better back story that what was provided, it’s very hard for me to find something about either character to bond with.

The thing is that Drake has some understandably pent up feelings… you can say hate because I did. Then even more interesting about these two is that somehow Drake’s family was able to pay off Cara’s family to drop the charges and move away. Weird right?

What’s strange about that is that Cara’s mother claimed innocence of knowing that her husband took bribe money to go away. I couldn’t believe it either, like seriously I thought that was complete BS to have that woman so stupid to not realize something’s up.

Then there’s the speedy getting back together that didn’t make sense to me. Cara’s just accepted Drake’s pseudo apology for his harsh and rude behavior at work. Yes, the sexy times were not far behind – I’m serious, it was minutes.

I liked Cara enough, but she was smart in business and a complete push over with Drake. Then there’s Drake who was not unlikable, but not likable either. And that’s why this one didn’t make me feel the same enthusiasm for the story as I have for other stories by Hart. Just blah.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C

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Because You Are Mine
by Lena Hart
Release Date: October 30, 2015
Publisher: Maroon Ash Publishing


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