Review: Falling for Her Bachelor by Robin Bielman

falling for her bachelorReviewed by Joanna

Cassidy is a photographer living in small town Montana. She’s taking photos by a river one day when she slips and falls on her ass. Luckily, a handsome man is jogging by and comes to her aid. And oh, it’s her childhood crush, Nick.

Nick’s back in town after a tragedy on board the submarine he worked on as a fireman. He lost two close friends and is a bit of a mess about it, so he is home to work out what to do with his career. He’s also in a bachelor auction being run by his sister Rowan, Cassidy’s best friend. At the event, he freaks out when he realizes he might be won by a woman he doesn’t fancy, so he gives his sister free rein with his bank balance and asks her to get someone to bid on him. She, of course, asks Cassidy.

So our hero and heroine go off for a fun-filled weekend together, both secretly fancying the other, and of course, they end up in bed. They agree it’s a weekend-only deal, though in both their minds it was the best sex they ever had, and both want a second go.

For Nick, this is an issue, as he had another tragedy in his life which means he can’t or won’t fall in love again, and Cassidy is making him feel stuff. Cassidy has her own issues and falling for a guy who can’t love her back just adds to them.

This is a short book and quick to read. There isn’t much filler, so most of the scenes feature the main protagonists, which I like. There are a couple of sex scenes, plus one scene where an exhibitionist woman tries to get our couple into a mutual masturbation session in a hot tub. Um. Awkward.

This interesting addition aside, the story wasn’t for me. I found the dialogue stilted and not much by way of tension building. I wasn’t crazy about the writing style either, with more telling than showing, and so I found it hard to engage with the characters. Cassidy’s motivations were a mystery to me. She planned on moving state to either New York or Los Angeles to pursue her career. Now this just seems a bit loose IMO. Photographers are ten a penny and to get the work you don’t just head to the biggest cities you can and look around. She’s destined to be a waiter with that sort of attitude. (Nothing wrong with waiting tables – did it myself, but the point is it doesn’t bring home the bacon. Unless there’s bacon left over. Anyway.)

Nick had a similar flipflop attitude to choosing his work, but I could understand this better, what with grieving and all.

There were some bits I did like – I felt the poignancy of their romantic predicament a couple of times, and I liked the scenery and locations, though a little more grounding would have been nice.

This is HEA if that’s important to you, though the ending was a bit of a wet fish for me pace-wise and I felt Nick acted out of character. For such a steady guy to give up his new job and spring an I Love You After All trap on Cassidy, I wanted to feel his desperation and see the action. But we go from nothing to everything on a picnic table. And though he knew his sister was planning to move to LA with Cassidy, he had zero conversations with her about it so didn’t know the plans had changed.

Rating: C-

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Falling for Her Bachelor
by Robin Bielman
Release Date: April 12, 2016
Publisher: Tule Publishing

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