Review: My Perfect Mistake by Kelly Siskind

my perfect mistakeReviewed by Joanna

Shay and Kolton meet on a ski holiday in Aspen when they literally run in to one another on the slopes. He blames her for not looking uphill when she merged; she says he blindsided her. He’s the Asshole. She’s the Bitch.

They argue and she skis off, but they meet again later that evening when her friends see his – they also met on the slopes. Shay and Kolton’s spark turns into an inferno and they end up screwing in the bathroom of the guy’s lodge, despite still hating each other. And bareback too, which says how little they could control themselves.

Tsk, but hot stuff.

Kolton doesn’t want anyone to know that he and one of the other guys run a highly successful outdoors clothing company. Apparently this attracts the wrong sort of girl. So his buddy says Kolton’s a hairdresser. He does have long and pretty hair but he doesn’t like the joke and this is a good example of the humor in this book. His pretend job doesn’t faze Shay, as she doesn’t like him anyway, except they spend the next few days getting it on in all sorts of places including a ski lift and up against a tree.

But when he hurts himself on the slopes one day and she shows a small bit of tenderness to him, things start to change. They lie in the snow and write on each other’s hands.




“Me: S-E-X-Y

Him: F-I-E-R-C-E

Me: U-N-E-X-P-E-C-T-E-D

Him: F-A-S-C-I-N-A-T-E-D”

This was just the cutest. But Shay isn’t after anything more than the hook up – she’s just out of a relationship with a real douche who persuaded her to give up a great job offer to support him. She was isolated and under his thumb, so she agreed, but then he dumped her and she woke the flip up. Now no man owns her. Plus she knows Kolton lives on the other side of Canada from her, so there’s no point pursuing anything.

Before Shay flies home, Kolton sees a sketch pad in which she had some of her interior designs. He happens to be opening a new store in Montreal so will be in her home town in the summer.

Back home in Vancouver, a plan comes to mind for him. He can’t get this girl out of his head and is full of the ‘what-ifs’, particularly when he hears through their friends that she’s dating again. So he decides to woo her. This is cute, if sometimes a little misguided.

First, he hires her company to do the design for his new store plus the fit-out. But on the condition Shay leads the design. He genuinely loves her work, but he wants to date her too. She flips out, funnily enough, but takes the job and refuses the date. He ups his game, including using his seven year old son as part of the charm offensive. Tentatively, not bad-dad-y.

Now Shay likes the wooing but she’s got other issues. Her design job is an unpaid internship so she works in shop on a commission basis, but she’s not making enough and is about to get evicted from her flat. She doesn’t want to rely on anyone, but everything starts to crash down around her ears. Kolton could either be a solution or an additional problem, depending on how she handles it.

This is a nice contemporary romance, with a hot, wealthy guy and a feisty, stubborn girl who’s crazy about junk food. There are sweet moments; there’s a good supporting cast, and overall I enjoyed the read. Both main characters were good, interesting people, and I could feel the conflict in Shay’s decisions. Less so Kolton’s, but he’s not perfect and that’s life.

I liked the scenes with his son, too. The boy has some OCD tendencies but there was no labeling, just gentle acceptance, nay, embracing of his idiosyncrasies. This pleased me.

There were a couple of times where I wanted more action and for the pace to pick up, but that’s not a major complaint. The ending was satisfying and I’ll read the next in the series.

It’s HEA for all you lovers out there.

Rating: B

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My Perfect Mistake
by Kelly Siskind
Release Date: April 5, 2016
Publisher: Forever Yours

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