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one with youReviewed by Jen

The Crossfire series is now one of those polarizing collections where most people either gush uncontrollably about the books or spew buckets of hate over them. With this book, as with the last, I fall somewhere in the realm of meh. It has its moments. It gave me some of what I wanted. But it’s also meandering and self-indulgent. It manages to go both too fast and too slow at the same time, and in the end left me feeling… incomplete.

The big question I had at the end of the last book was about how Sylvia Day could turn this extremely dysfunctional couple into something resembling, well, not crazy. Basically, she spends this entire book focusing on that. It’s all about helping them (Gideon especially) get to a better place mentally and emotionally. And while it would be silly to think that he could heal without putting in the work, it also made for some less engaging reading. There’s a lot of therapy. There’s a lot of self examination. There’s a focus on making good relationship choices. There’s even a pause on the sex.

All of this is juxtaposed to the crazy that still exists in their lives. Ann. Gideon’s mom. Corrine’s book. The whirlwind of Eva and Gideon’s relationship. Their hidden marriage. Heck, even the big deal cessation of sex lasted less than two weeks and you’d think they abstained for two years.

And some threads came out of nowhere, like a disjointed story about Eva’s mom. It was like… wha? Others were introduced and left without resolution, like Cary’s relationship drama and the dynamic between Gideon and his brother. Still other threads wrapped up abruptly, giving answers, but little satisfaction.

Overall, I couldn’t really connect to what was happening in the book. I didn’t care, but I wanted to.

So you may be asking why I wouldn’t consider it all bad. Well, I’m still invested in the characters. Gideon especially. I may have been kind of bored by the plot, but this character still manages to draw me in. He’s magnetic. And while Eva is less so on her own, she is something special because of her relationship with Gideon. She is his oasis, and I want the man to find the peace that has eluded him for so long. I loved the moments he was able to leave behind all of his baggage. I loved the moments Eva came through for him emotionally.

I believed that somehow they were going to make it work in their own warped way. So in that sense, Day was successful. The HEA was there, and we can leave Mr. and Mrs. Cross, with the belief they complete each other. But looking at the books as a whole, it definitely left me wanting. Not wanting more, because the series needed to be over.  Just wanting something else.

I don’t know. Some readers loved it for what worked. Others hated it for all that didn’t. I’m just glad I have some closure.

Rating: C

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One With You
by Sylvia Day
Release Date: April 5, 2016
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin


  1. I still haven’t read the previous book after wondering if it would be worth my time. I feel like this series would have been better serviced with just three books. After finishing the 3rd book I wanted to know more about the secondary characters instead of Eva and Gideon’s Jerry Springer show.

  2. I just wish she’d kept this to a trilogy. Thanks for setting my expectations. I will listen to it, just not right away.

  3. Jolie Vines says:

    Great review and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve just read the whole series in a week straight (avoided them before because of the fifty shades comparisons but these are way better so I’m glad I broke) and whereas the books started out with a clear and exciting purpose, the latter two have meandered and dawdled.
    I have to say I felt bored a couple of times in this one. I wanted Gideon and Eva to be happy and to get through to a HEA but I’d have accepted time as a healer and less of the therapy. Also Eva shifted into a version of her mother and I lost respect for her and so much interest in her as a person.
    Also I felt cheated by a couple of things – the change in the Big Event (cover expectation) and also by Cary’s ending. I liked him a lot and got invested in his outcomes and felt he was brushed over. If have loved Eva to go to his show.
    Then the Monica stuff was – whoa. Could that have been led into rather than tacked on the end? Probably. And there were a few loose ends – the new tech project, the rival dude and his wife.
    I’m glad I read this series but I’m glad the arc is done with. I don’t think I’d have read another book.

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