Review: Snared: A Jaded Regret Novel by L.L. Collins

snaredReviewed by Joanna

Super sexy drummer with depression who needs a good woman.  Any takers? This is the story of Beau, world-class drummer with the rock band Jaded Regret. Beau suffers with mental health issues, and apart from his band, he’s a loner, never connecting with anyone, never hooking up with any of the groupies who throw themselves at him. He’s quiet and sweet and very vulnerable.

One day, his band goes to Orlando to play a benefit gig. They all dress up nice, suits, frocks, tattoos n all and play a song or two and during the evening, Beau sees a vision – the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. And he knows she’s far too good for someone as messed up as him. Favorite. Trope.

“Nothing could ever happen between us. I would take her down into the black hole with me.”

Step forward the organizer of the event, April. She’s a social worker and her father is a doctor associated with the charity. She fancies a bit of Beau and wants to one-night-stand him, but after she goes to find him, he scares and does a runner. April then realizes Beau interests her far more than for one night only and she isn’t really that sort of girl anyway.

April and Natalie, the band manager and Beau’s sister, make friends, and the next day they take the band to a local childrens’ home to meet the kids. There, Beau meets Robbie, a kid who no one will foster or adopt because of his behavior. In Robbie, Beau recognizes what he was like as a kid and he talks to the boy. And the boy talks back – the only adult he’s spoken to.

Anyway, Jaded Regret go off on tour and for a month., Beau has to deal with increasingly poor mental health and he can’t get April nor the terrible voices he hears out of his head. Will he come back to April’s lovin’ arms? And what about the boy he’s sees an affinity with? Will anyone adopt the poor kid?

Well you’ll just have to read it to find out. I had to plough through, so intent was I on getting to their HEA. Beau is very well drawn and his issues felt so real that I didn’t think there was any hope for him. And there are a couple of BIG moments in this book which had me gripped.

I’m not going to spoiler it but I was in my kitchen knowing my dinner was burning and I couldn’t drag my eyes off the page. Gah.

We get to hear from April too as this is dual perspective but TBH I was less interested in her viewpoint. She spent most of the book being anxious, with good reason, and she’s a good person but I never felt I got to know her and she was almost secondary in that little she did drove any action.

Overall, this book’s a dramatic and emotional story touching big issues but with a cool rock band and several ‘whoa’ moments. There’s a smattering of sex scenes and a nice ending, and I enjoyed reading it. It’s second in a series that I haven’t read the first of, but it didn’t matter. I’ll probably go read the first book now, as I liked the other characters enough to want to know their history.

There are warnings on the books for emotional issues which I’ll list here: child mental abuse, unhappy foster care, mental illness, suicide.

Oh, and I saw a lot of people flipping out about Beau having a sex scene with another women early on in the book. It didn’t bother me at all as it’s important to the plot, plus it’s nowhere near when he gets it on with our heroine, but if this kills it for ya, then be warned.

Rating: B

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Snared: A Jaded Regret Novel
by L.L. Collins
Release Date: March 10, 2016

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