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vexedReviewed by Joanna

Athena has just turned 18 and is a sweet little thing. She’s got a lady boner for the president of the local motorcycle club and wants to give up her v-card to him. She heads into the biker bar with her friend who’s under instruction to tell the Prez that Athena is now good and legal. Wink wink.

Romeo, or Reed is his real name, has a different woman every night and doesn’t exactly seem the kind and caring type. He’s a hard ass and nearly twice Athena’s age, but something about her makes him reconsider being such a low down dog. He wants to take care of her just as much as he wants to screw.

Now Athena plans to swan off to LA to get a career as an actress and as much as she enjoys shacking up with Romeo for the weekend, her developing feelings aren’t enough to stop her. She vanishes and won’t answer his calls.

This doesn’t go down well with the big macho biker dude. He’s not used to people disobeying him, but he’s even less used to having feelings so he closes down and doesn’t pursue her. Until Athena finds her dumb ass in a whole world of trouble.

This is sweary and sexy from the off and all very leather and grrrr. Romeo is a dick but he’s an endearing dick, and there’s something sweet in the way Athena changes a core part of him. The way something warm moves in his chest and he pulls away from her, not sure what’s happening.

It’s cute when he’s vulnerable, especially his internal dialogue when he realizes his feelings are hurt. “I hate acting like a pissy man-child because my girl hurt my feelings. My Girl. Fuck that.”

This is reasonably written and I laughed a fair amount at the unashamedly cheesy dialogue: “Men eat pussy, Athena. Don’t waste your time on ones who don’t.” I think this is one of the things I like most about it – the sheer silliness.

There’s a fair bit of misogyny, which I wasn’t so keen on, but I guess motorcycle clubs aren’t renowned for their PC attitudes. Examples: Athena and her friend aren’t able to talk to another man without their biker guys hot-tailing it across the field to sling their arms over them and claim territory. Then there’s the ‘no sassing me in front of my men’ rule, which blows. Oh, and get this – the way the men of the MC club claim their Ol’ Lady (wife, I think) is to screw them on a table in front of the other brothers. We don’t see this, but I guess it’s coming in the next book. Um, yeah, sod that. I don’t care how hot you are, Mr Presidente.

It’s not all pig behavior. Spoiler: Athena is permitted (ahem) her career at the end. Though this seems pretty unlikely. Funny love spoiler: Romeo tells Athena he loves her first but she doesn’t say it back till a later scene when he’s screwing her. On the car he built for her. In front of his garage workers. I guess the moment felt right for her. Um.

Plot wise, don’t expect much cos there isn’t much – it’s a sexy motorbike romance and the characters are pretty one dimensional. But it was fun and worked nicely for me as a bit of light entertainment in between some heavy stuff.

It’s HFN, but it’s possible to imagine a HEA – the author explains in the notes that at 18, Athena is too young for HEA. But in her dialogue (it’s dual perspective) she says she can’t see herself anywhere other than with him. I don’t find age bothers me in that respect as long as the protagonists are 16+ but Athena’s not the sharpest tool, so I’m inclined to agree.

Rating: B-

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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by Phoenyx Slaughter
Release Date: April 4, 2016

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