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tease meReviewed by Shelly

This is my first story by JL Leslie, so clearly, I didn’t read the first two stories in the Zane series. I’m not sure if this was meant to be a stand alone installment in the series, but I will say that I didn’t feel left out or that I was missing much.

Lennon Zane is the youngest child and the only daughter in Zane family. Her two older brothers, Stellan and Dylan, are very protective of their baby sister when it comes to her dates and she fights them every step of the way. This time Lennon knows exactly what to what to do to get her brothers off her back. She decides to have sex, a lot of it, with Swift Cole, but the arrangement is that no one can know about them.

Swift works for the Zane’s as a contraction worker on one of their new buildings, and he knows that he’s not Lennon’s type (suit and tie guy) but she’s his type (pretty on the outside). I truly had a hard time with this couple and trying to figure out what they saw in each other, because when they were together all they did was have sex, I didn’t see personality compatibility during before or after. And honestly, I skipped most of their sexual encounters.

Lennon’s a young woman, around 25, and she and her brothers run what seems to be a very large company, she’s an interesting choice as a business leader. There’s what seems to be an ongoing story line about when the siblings were young and molested and tortured by a set of foster parents. As adults, that somehow connects them to being targeted by a reporter by the name of Zoe. Zoe is Stellan’s ex-girlfriend, and I don’t know what happened between those two to incur such bitterness by Zoe towards the family. There are a few things going on with the family, but in the end, I didn’t understand how these 3 siblings have this company; was it through hard work or did their Aunt Fae, who seemed to have raised them in the foster care system, have anything to do with that? But by the end, it didn’t matter.

Swift, a former sniper in the war, is now working as a construction worker by day and playing in a band at night. I wish I knew more about him. The sniper thing got brought up because of how he left military service – I didn’t think he got the credit he deserved for the service he provided while he was active duty military.

He’s also got a great set of parents who think the sun rises and sets with him, and although he seems to love them, I got the vibe that he didn’t appreciate them. Then there’s the relationship he seems to have with his band mates – there’s not a lot discussed with how he met all the other guys and why he even plays in a band and whether that is an aspiration for him or just a way to spend the night. By the end of the story, I don’t even know if he enjoyed working as a construction worker or if he had different goals; yeah, nothing there.

Like I said, as a couple I didn’t get the attraction between Swift and Lennon. He seemed to be a nice even keyed guy and I would have really liked knowing more about him. I’m not sure about Lennon. I didn’t feel a connection with her. Her childhood is quite terrible, but so were her brothers. Come to think of it, they didn’t do it for me either. But there wasn’t anything (except for the incessant potty mouth – goodness gracious give it a rest already) about her that made me dislike her, but nothing that made me like her either. The good thing is that this was a fast read.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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Tease Me
by JL Leslie
Release Date: March 30, 2016

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