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dominatedReviewed by Jaimie

Oh Maya.  Dominated is the second book in Maya Banks’ Enforcers series, and the continuation of Drake and Evangeline’s story.  I wanted to love it I really did – but I almost marked it DNF.  I’m glad I pushed through because it did get better at the end, but there were times I wanted to reach through the pages and smack Evangeline – HARD.

I don’t even know how to write this review because it was another bizarre experience.  Drake had his asshole moments, but overall I really liked him.  I also love the men that work for him, and I cannot wait to get their stories.  The men were the only reason I kept reading.

When Mastered left off, Drake had completely humiliated and destroyed Evangeline and she had taken off.  The story picks up right away with Drake and his men tearing the city apart trying to find her.  The men were all pissed at Drake and had no hesitation telling him that.  The doorman finally gives in and tells Drake where she is and my disgust with her began.

What Drake did to her was completely inexcusable – no matter what the reason is – and yet within a couple minutes she forgives him, loves him and everything is great in the world.  This is the first time I was about to stop reading.  Obviously I knew they were going to get their HEA eventually, but come on – I don’t care how sweet and great you are; you don’t forgive that shit in 5 minutes.  Ugh.

The next time I almost stopped reading was when Evangeline actually said this line to the man she loved “..if you ever get tired of me and no longer want me, all I ask is for you to never regret the time we spent together. Because I won’t.”  Are there actually women out there that would talk like this, especially after everything that happened?

I pushed on, because despite his assholery moments, Drake was awesome for the most part.  There are some pretty big twists in the story, so about 60% through, it got really good and I enjoyed the book from that point on – despite Evangeline.  There was this really random moment near the beginning of the book where her friends stopped by the condo, and it seemed as though there could be a sub story there, but then it was dropped and we never heard about it again.

I really enjoyed reading about the other guys – particularly Silas.  I have my fingers and toes crossed that the heroine of the next book is not a simpering, pathetic excuse for a woman because Evangeline was a total disappointment.

I love Maya and will definitely read the next book in the series, but the heroine from this one was just not for me.  Everything else was great – the story was fast paced, the supporting characters were funny and definitely damaged, the sex was smoking hot, I just wish Evangeline was likeable…

Rating: C

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by Maya Banks
Release Date: May 3, 2016
Publisher: Berkley

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