Review: Shatter by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott

shatterReviewed by Jen

I have to admit, I wasn’t stoked about reading Snow’s book.  I’m really not big on rough sex or dark heroes with a penchant for pain. I enjoyed the first book in this series, though, and I’ve never been disappointed by Jocelynn Drake, so I decided to try it anyway. And I’m glad I did. Because this book didn’t cross the lines I thought it would and the authors actually turned my expectations on their ear. So… yay.

We first got a hint of the attraction between Snow and Jude in Shiver. But Snow has firm rules about his hook-ups. They’re all one night stands and they are never with anyone from the hospital where he works. Jude’s a paramedic and he’s nice, which in Snow’s eyes makes him totally inappropriate. You see, Snow likes it rough and he likes to dominate. All wrong for someone like Jude. But Jude’s got his own ideas, and it’s interesting the way it all plays out.

This is not a BDSM book at all. It turns out Snow is all wrong about what he needs and Jude is the man to show him that. I really liked that twist. I liked how this wasn’t about doms or subs or pain. It’s about a connection between these men. It’s about Snow’s first time falling in love. And his first relationship outside of his small group of friends.

Jude is a great character. He is nice. But he is not a pushover. He is strong in his own way, and he is a protector. He helps mend something broken in Snow and humanizes him in a way I didn’t anticipate. Plus, they were smoking hot in the sack.

In the meantime, there’s a bigger arc brewing among Snow and his friends. Someone is targeting them and manages to do some serious damage to the group. It kept the story moving and gave us good reason to interact with Lucas and Andrei, as well as Ian and Rowe. I liked seeing how the Lucas/ Andrei relationship continues to progress. My only complaint is kind of spoilery, so read at your own risk. I feel like the authors are setting up Rowe to get a m/m HEA down the road and it bothers me. He loved his wife, but we got these little asides that set the stage he going to have a relationship with a man before the series is over. It was kind of cool that there was a het couple fundamentally part of this group. Now I feel like Melissa was a device to fuel a future Howe romance with a dude. It just feels contrived.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed the story… probably more than the first one. I’m looking forward to seeing Ian get an HEA with his cop, especially with so much of his past uncovered here.

Rating: B/B+

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by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott
Release Date: April 26, 2016

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