Review: Smart, Sexy and Secretive by Tammy Falkner

Portrait of passionate young couple romancing over white backgroundReviewed by Joanna

Emily’s back in town. At the end of book one in this series, she gave up Logan and returned to California and her daughter-of-a-billionaire lifestyle in exchange for her dad paying for Matt’s cancer treatment. But now she’s persuaded her father to let her return to NYC to study music. With a side of being with Logan too, thanks.

Due to his deafness and her dyslexia, they’ve not been in contact since she left, though each knew they would reunite and there’s no messing with other people which pleased me lots. We see this happy couple get back together and it’s oh so sweet.

Problem is, Emily’s asshole father doesn’t want her with some tatted bruiser; he wants her to marry Trip, the son of another wealthy man and the guy Emily was engaged to until she bolted. Both Trip and the father think Emily is stupid and not up to much more than being a good breeder due to her dyslexia (bit of a stretch to believe this but there it is). Logan, of course, knows how smart she is and defends her to the hilt on a number of occasions as the forces at work seek to separate them.

Gah, how I hated Trip being mean to Logan because of his deafness! If I could’ve reached into the page and slapped the guy, I would’ve. He was a douche to Emily too so double slaps for him.

Despite the pushing and pulling that happens in the first half of the book, our couple’s love is unshakable, but then an unexpected and serious event occurs.

I can’t even. I was so upset for a couple of pages when I thought the author had taken the book in a particular direction. In retrospect it felt like a ‘need to shake this up cos the romance isn’t driving it now’ thing but it made me so cross.

Spoiler – there’s a car accident and one of the main characters gets hit. Then we’re at a funeral for a “beloved son, brother and friend”. What? He died? Seriously?! It’s okay, but Christ on a bike did I nearly put the book away forever.

Then once we get over this there’s another shift to super-happy improbability which made things feel quite disjointed. Overall I guess there just wasn’t enough plot to make a whole two books out of Logan and Emily’s relationship. It was reasonably satisfactory, if a bit of a cop out. I was grinning like a loon at one point because of how much I liked our couple, so like the first book, I got over the issues I had with it.

There’s lots to love about these books. The banter between the boys, much of it in sign language, cracked me up. Then Sam and Pete – the twins – have each other’s names tattooed on their necks. Their dad couldn’t tell them apart so when they were 12 he decided to tattoo them (yeah, bad dad) but they fibbed about who was who. This is just bonkers but also kinda cool.

Will read the next in the series, so good indicator for you if you like what I like.

Rating: B-

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Smart, Sexy and Secretive
by Tammy Falkner
Release Date: August 23, 2013
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing

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