Review: The Dragon’s Temptation by Lily Cahill

dragons temptationReviewed by Joanna

I picked this up because I was intrigued by the idea of having five authors write one book as one voice. Can this ever be consistent?

So, to the premise. Felicity and her sister Joy have moved from NYC to Augustus to get away from their famous family, the Valdez, and all the trouble that comes with their name. They now run a tea shop called the Witches Brew where Felicity uses her magic powers to create potions and cool cakes and the like, whilst Joy takes her smokin’ body on drug binges and out night clubbing.

One morning, Felicity is minding the cafe on her own when a mean old customer is rude to her. She’s just about to give him a piece of her mind when he’s lifted up by his collar by the next guy in the queue. A very hot, tall dark and handsome man who dispatches the asshole with barely a hair out of place. Felicity magics him up a cookie as thanks, but she’s getting all sorts of palpitations from her hero.

Chapter two is Damien’s. He’s the hot guy and he goes home in a bit of a tizz. His skin is all twitchy and he’s unsettled after seeing the girl he thinks is his destiny, and he starts to shift into his other form – an incredibly rare dragon. But then his brother turns up and gives him a hard time. No one can know about the four dragon brothers; they’ve been on the run for twenty years since the evil Valdez family killed their parents in a coup on the ruling dragon dynasty. Anyway, the old prophecies about fated couples is a load of rubbish, so he just needs to calm down.

As bang-on as the advice is, Damien can’t ignore Felicity, so he takes her on a highly passionate date, except neither of them tells each other their real surnames. Then when the truth comes out, he thinks she’s been sent to trap him. Damien and his brothers fly (literally) but something terrible happens and Felicity needs him for something urgent. Or one very specific part of him. No, it’s not the thing you’re thinking, you saucy minxes.

For a book written by so many different minds, I found this actually pretty cohesive and professional. In answer to my original question – yes, the five Lilys pulled it off. I was trying to detect differences and the only place I think I could was on the sex scene, though this wasn’t a bad thing. The story moved apace and there wasn’t much meandering or padding and the world-building was precise and to the point.

That said, I didn’t love the book. I had no major issues with it, but around half way through I realized it wasn’t going to get any more complex or any more interesting. I wanted some ramping up of emotion and action, but it never really materialized. Even when two of the characters come face to face after a Really Big Deal, there was no punch in my gut that I expected. It was too tame and I wanted more.

Also, I didn’t much like Felicity. She was a bit of a downer, and I couldn’t get in her head. Maybe because the book is written in third person past tense – my least favourite of styles – it was hard to engage with her and live the journey she went on which should’ve felt huge.

Overall a quick and not unpleasant read, but it’s not going to burn your socks off (dragon joke, sorry).

Rating: C

*ARC provided for review

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The Dragon’s Temptation
by Lily Cahill
Release Date: April 20, 2016

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