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visitorReviewed by Jen

They say good things come to those who wait. Well, it feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this fourth installment of the Graveyard Queen series. But it was worth it. This book was deliciously creepy. It had the same dark tone as the first three stories, but it felt like a new beginning. The characters I know and love are back, but their lives are turning a corner as a new series arc begins.

The mystery of Devlin’s haunting is put to bed, but only to make room for Amelia to become haunted herself. This ghost –who looks just like her– opens the door for Amelia to delve into her own past and family history. It uncovers more questions with every new answer she finds. And while this is a very Amelia-centric book, the drama with Devlin isn’t over. Only now, instead of the threat coming from his dead wife, it’s about his very-much alive grandfather and family legacy.

These books are such a departure from what I usually read. The ghosts and supernatural world are far less urban fantasy than horror. But that’s not quite right either. It’s dark and lush and definitely disturbing. Some readers might even find it downright scary. It’s not gory or gratuitous, but definitely spine-tingling.

The characters make me want to read more, Amelia especially. She struggles so much with her gift. There is so much she doesn’t know. And her Papa, who was her only guide, has really hidden more than he has every shared. She’s so easy to empathize with, as we watch her struggle with these horrors that sit on the edge of her life every day… some that creep even closer… and she has no one to reach out to. She can only guess as to what they want — what she should do — how to keep herself safe from the death that creeps into her room at night.

We are getting some answers. At least about what Amelia is; about her legacy. And with that, we’re learning that she is likely part of a bigger picture. One that might end up putting her on a different side than the man she loves, which really stinks since they have come so far to be together.

And side note on Devlin… I’ve always liked him and wanted him as an HEA for Amelia. But one of my only complaints about this book is the secretive dynamic between them. With all they have been through, they still keep each other in the dark. They stubbornly ignore the elephant in the room and it makes me want to shake them both. I hate a lack of communication as a romantic foil –and while that is not their only problem, it’s a big one.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed this book. It was easy to slide right back into this world and into the lives of these characters. And I’m already itching to go back.  I’m looking forward to The Sinner later this year.

Rating: B/B+

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The Visitor
by Amanda Stevens
Release Date: March 29, 2016
Publisher: Mira

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