Review: This Is Love, Baby by K Webster

this is love babyReviewed by Joanna

Baylee’s been captured again. Gabe took her from War and she’s back in that awful cabin. If you don’t know what cabin, then read This is War, Baby, as this book follows on from here and can’t be read as standalone.

So Gabe has done what he promised, and he wants his happy (horrendously abusive) ever after with Baylee.

But someone else wants her, too. Brandon, her ex, has been hunting relentlessly for her since Gabe first kidnapped her. And he finds her, which you’d think would be great, but he’s not the same boy anymore.

More importantly what’s happened to War? We think this sweetheart is dead, but the police detective says to Brandon that Baylee is wanted for attempted murder. Attempted! So War must be alive? Isn’t he? Yeah, he is. It’s not a spoiler cos there’s no book if he’s dead. But yay!

So there’s now three people trying to get and hold onto Baylee, all who claim to love her, all with degrees of mental illness or just downright badness. Gotta feel for the girl.

As War is busy being hospitalized, Brandon is the one who comes to rescue Baylee. She’s happy to be rescued, of course, but she’s in the dark about War surviving the bullet, about her mother and her father and about the truth of pretty much anything. And no one tells her anything. Brandon’s rescue – if you can call it that – gets Baylee away from Gabe, but it puts her into the hands of the Dragon. Frying pan, fire. Then there’s the tussle to who wins the girl and it’s not pretty.

In my review of This Is War, Baby, I complained about Baylee’s behavior in response to her situation. She admired the architecture, she flirted. All after being kidnapped, raped and sold in a flesh auction. I know the human spirit is indomitable, but I found it hard to get her. In this book she behaves a bit more like you’d expect, and I felt like I could understand her better and I could get behind her more.

That said, she still does some strange things.

When finally reunited with War at the hospital after tremendous effort, she gets up in the night and leaves again with Brandon. Cos he says he’ll take her to her father. Without second guessing him or saying goodbye or anything. I found that ridiculous. At least he could’ve held a gun to War to make her go. Why make her so dumb?

There’s lots in this to frustrate and freak you out but also moments of joy. Gabe has a freezer full of foil wrapped vegetables. We know what he intends to do with them, so it’s just super when Baylee hauls them all out and throws them at him. I just wish she’d done more. You know what I’m talking about.

Overall, I was satisfied with where the book went and it was all great and good right up until the last segment of the epilogue. Where the author messed everything up and made me wish I’d never heard of these books in the first place.

Because of how it ended, it can only be HFN for this poor couple and that sucked.

Rating: B-

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This Is Love, Baby
by K Webster
Release Date: March 29, 2016

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