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what you needReviewed by Jaimie

I must admit – as much as I love Lorelei James, I’ve had it in my head that it’s only due to the sexy way she writes cowboys. Because of this, I have had her new contemporary romance What You Need, the first in her Need You series, just sitting there waiting to be read.  I’m so glad I finally decided to read it, and once I started, I couldn’t put it down.  There’s no big suspense or action; it is just a really great story with a lovable hero who has a lot of insecurities, and a strong heroine who has had her fair share of difficulty in life.

Brady Lund grew up in a privileged family that loved each other fiercely and worked very closely at the family business, Lund Industries.  As the CFO of the company, Brady works 80 hours a week to prove himself worthy, earning him an intervention by his brothers and cousins.  They want him to live a little and get a life outside the office and decide to take him out for a night on the town.

Lennox Greene is an office floater at Lund Industries and has, of course, seen the incredibly sexy CFO around the office.  After a difficult childhood with an emotionally abusive and neglectful mother, she is determined to be successful and rise above it all.  One night of letting loose at the bar she used to work at has her literally falling into Brady’s arms, and the chemistry is sizzling.

Typically in these types of books, it is the woman who has the insecurities for a variety of reasons, but in this case Brady is the one suffering from them.  After a girl only pretended to be interested in him in high school in order to take advantage of his wealth and name, he is humiliated when he overhears her bragging about her plan to her friends.  He still has a hard time imagining anyone being interested in him for reasons other than his name, so the fact that Lennox loves his geeky side just endears her to him even more.

Another thing I loved was that these two didn’t just hop into bed with each other, despite the smoking hot interactions that jumped off the page.  And even better – it was Brady who insisted that they wait.  He was all kinds of sweet and although he does have his moment that causes friction between them, it wasn’t an over the top asshole move like you often see in these stories.  Once they do give in to the passion, it is hot!!  Geeky Brady has a bossy side in the bedroom, and it pushes all Lennox’s buttons.

Lennox held her own, both at work and with Brady’s overwhelming family.  With one brother playing in the NFL, a cousin in the NHL and the rest of the family working at Lund Industries, there’s really no escaping them all.  Brady’s mom is a little snobby at the beginning with Lennox, but it wasn’t one of those “my son is too good for you” situations. This was just a mother who was concerned about the fact that the two worked together.  I also really liked that she wound up being close with Brady’s sister as well – without the need for conflict or competition.

Obviously we will get more stories for Brady’s siblings and cousins, but I’m really hoping that one of them ends up with Lennox’s roommate, because her passion as a social worker was really great to see.  Hopefully we see more of her later on.

Overall this was one of my favorite Lorelei James books and I can’t wait to read the remaining books in the series.  It was a simple, enjoyable story with plenty of time to develop the characters and the hero and heroine as a couple, smoking hot sex and a set up for a great series.

Rating: A

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What You Need
by Lorelei James
Release Date: January 5, 2016
Publisher: Signet


  1. Yes! I agree… I really enjoyed this one a lot. Looking forward to book 2!!

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