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Review: Desire After Dark by Marie Force

desire after darkReviewed by Joanna

I’ve not read any of this series and just dived in at book 15(!) because I liked the sound of it. An island, a pilot, a lighthouse keeper, and cozy evenings. Yum. Plus the title sounded sexy, though I quickly worked out by ‘dark’ they mean despair. Not night time. Hmm.

So first thing I find is it’s more of a family saga than a straight up romance. Slim and Erin, our H&H, are getting together after he flies back to the island for the 12 days of Christmas. He met Erin several months ago, and they hit it off, but he’s been working in Florida so their communications have been limited to phone and video calls. Now he’s back, and Erin invites him to stay with her. It’s pretty forward of her as she’s somewhat reserved, but she really likes this guy and wants to let her barriers down. She’s 38, so it’s not her first rodeo, but she’s not gotten on the horse for a while because of the dark thing (she’s been in grief over her twin brother who died in the 9/11 attack) so it’s all a bit more tentative than desirous. [Read more…]

Review: The Curse of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones

curse of tenth graveReviewed by Jen

After a disappointing ninth installment, I’m happy to say that the Charley Davidson series got a healthy dose of its shine back for me with this book. Everything I love about the series is back. Charley is still irreverent and funny. Reyes is sexy and broody. Cookie is charming. There are cases to solve and people to save. And the tone is light and engaging, without ever letting us forget the serious stakes that lie underneath. Add to all of that, the series arc is advancing. Lingering questions are answered. And the ending totally rocks. [Read more…]

Review: The Blind Date by Delaney Diamond

blind dateReviewed by Shelly

Six years ago, while in town for her last internship with one of the top companies, Shawna meets a persistent yet charming Ryan Stewart. After seeing Shawna across the room kind of thing, Ryan pursues her for about half a block before snagging a date. A date turns into sex and a night turns into the weekend. After their blissful time, Shawna is surprised when she finds out when Ryan lied – he’s not the single man he said he was.

Since their disaster of a weekend and the interim years, Shawna’s fulfilled her singular dream of having her own French inspired boutique. She’s successful and doing exactly what she want to so. But her older sister Yvonne, who is completely happy in her life as a wife and mother, wants Shawna’s happiness to include having a man in her life, so she sets up Shawna on a blind date with a friend of her husband’s. [Read more…]

Review: Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan

shadow riderReviewed by Joanna

Francesca is on the run and has moved to Little Italy, Chicago, to hide out and start life afresh in the company of her old friend Joanna (great name). On her way to get a job in Joanna’s uncle’s deli, she’s spotted by Stefano Ferrara, the sexy head of a local family who ‘keeps the neighborhood safe’. Think Mafia minus some of the bad and plus some supernatural skillz.

Stefano’s a very attractive and powerful man and very used to getting his own way. Something about Francesca stops him in his tracks and he forces her to take his coat (she’s shivering after giving hers to a homeless lady), a wad of cash and basically publicly claims her in front of the town. [Read more…]

Review: Forevermore by Kristen Callihan

forevermoreReviewed by Jen

It’s hard to say goodbye to a series I have enjoyed as much as this one. This seventh installment is the last in Kristen Callihan’s Darkest London series, and while a new reader could probably catch up, I’d definitely recommend starting with Firelight; one, because I loved that book like chocolate, and two, because this book is really a culmination of the series. It pulls together lingering threads, builds bridges between stories, and ends with the world in a very different place from where it began. It’s also a long awaited happy ending for a character who has been to hell and back. [Read more…]

Review: Going the Distance by Julianna Keyes

going the distanceReviewed by Joanna

I bought this on the strength of another novel by this author which I absolutely loved (Undecided) and although there were similarities, I didn’t find this book quite as strong.

It’s a contemporary romance set in China for the most, in the small city of Lazhou. Olivia fled a bad situation at home in the U.S. to work as a kindergarten teacher in a Chinese school teaching EFL. She’s alone and lonely when along comes moody Jarek. He’s handsome and casually dangerous and takes an interest in Olivia. Jarek’s ex-military – an interrogator, actually – and now works construction sites as a carpenter. [Read more…]

Review: Proving Paul’s Promise by Tammy Falkner

proving pauls promiseReviewed by Joanna

I really meant to stop reading this series for a while cos it got a bit same-y. Well, that didn’t happen. There were just two brothers to go, so I went straight for book five and big, tall Paul.

Paul’s the eldest of the Reed brothers and the guy who had to pick up the slack when their dad walked out after their mother died. I’m a sucker for a guy who has to stand up and be a man, and Paul gave up so much to raise his four brothers. He’s also been crazy about Friday, the tattoo shop receptionist and artist for the four years she’s worked for him. [Read more…]

Review: Devil May Care by Pippa DaCosta

devil may careReviewed by Jen

One thing is for sure, Pippa Dacosta doesn’t flinch away from the dark. It’s one thing to know your heroine has endured the stuff of nightmares. It’s another to see it happen on the page. Muse faced a tough battle in the first book of this series, but it was nothing compared to her fight in this installment. That’s because her owner is back. The demon she thought she had killed to win her freedom isn’t only alive, but he’s in the human world and he’s hunting her. It’s only a matter of time before she has to face him again, only this time she has made an enemy of her former savior, and her inner demon is inaccessible. The deck is stacked against her, and you feel it in spades. [Read more…]

Review: Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen

bittersweetReviewed by Joanna

This is a sweet and sexy romance set on a farm in Vermont and it is such a lovely book. They grow apples in the sun, make cider, milk cows and it’s all organic and delicious-sounding. Reviewer’s warning: do not read this when hungry.

“He tasted of cider and male hunger, and I felt that kiss everywhere.”

Grumpy farmer Griff runs the place, and Audrey comes by to negotiate on buying some of his produce, accidently running her hire car into a ditch. A damsel in distress is the last thing Griff needs, but as he watches her sexy ass back out of the crashed car, he realizes he knows her. Intimately. Together they shared a couple of very memorable hook ups at college and instant attraction sparks again. [Read more…]

Review: Next to You by Julia Gabriel

next to youReviewed by Shelly

Be forewarned, the heroine in this book is a millionaire and the hero is a billionaire. That’s a complete uphill battle for the author to convince me that my sympathy and/or empathy should be targeted towards either of these characters. For goodness sake, they’re both rolling in the dough; come on now we all know that money = happiness or is it?

Phlox (pronounced Floks) Miller and her best friend, Zelda Malisewski, have answered a market need; they sell beauty products. Recently, they created a new line of specialty cream that’s specific to each buyer. During some product testing while in her home kitchen Phlox accidentally blew up a pot of oil and wax and unfortunately she was in close proximity and got a face full. Over the past year, she’s undergone dozens of surgeries to repair some of the damage done to her face. The thing about plastic surgery is that when skin/bone/cartilage is needed for the repair, it’s best to be autologous as it reduces the chance of rejection. So for Phlox, she’s got scars in other places to fix the damage done to her face. [Read more…]