Review: Maybe Matt’s Miracle by Tammy Falkner

maybe matts miracleReviewed by Joanna

Now I’m on the fourth in the Reed Brothers series, and Matt’s the brother in the frame. Matt had cancer but survived it, thanks to a special chemical trial his sister in law Emily’s family paid for. He’s been in remission for two years now, but sadly a friend of his who was also on the trial didn’t make it.

Kendra died leaving her three kids in the hands of her half-sister who she doesn’t even know. Skylar is a newly qualified attorney who now has to play mother to a sixteen year old boy and two little girls who don’t know her from Adam. Luckily, Matt’s on the scene and already has a bond with the teenager and can help her out.

Now I always liked Matt when he cropped up in the previous books. I thought he was kind and sweet, but I also thought he might be one of those guys who befriends women and just waits in the wings for a break up so he can swoop for crumbs. You know the type. Matt happily play fights and holds hands with his brother’s girlfriends. He doesn’t flirt but he’s the cozy cuddles option for them when their own guy is off somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong, Matt didn’t do anything wrong to earn my mistrust, it’s just that he’s a guy, you know? And he’s following a pattern. So when he starts getting all heavy for Skylar even though she has a boyfriend, I wondered if he’s had the same thoughts about the other women in his life. Just saying.

As the story progresses, Matt had to persuade Skylar that he’s the man for her. It’s cute the way he repeatedly asks her “are you in love with me yet?” because it’s clear he’s head over heels and just waiting on her to catch up. Again, this novel, same as Pete’s, is romance and relationships-driven rather than having any other real plot. Matt can’t have kids because of the chemical trial, and Skylar just so happens to have three of them landed in her lap, so it’s super sweet destiny at play here.

We see all the previous characters and their pairings-off working out nicely. They create a lovely family built of a mismatch of people, and it’s heart-warming to read. Issues are fixed, broken people are repaired, miracles happen. It’s feel-good with limited drama as nothing really comes between this couple and their HEA apart from the time it takes to tell their story.

That’s a small issue for me as it became a little flat. There’s not much to the emotional peak and this is NA and I want fireworks. Even the baddy got away good.

My conclusion on Matt? I think maybe he became asexual for a while and was just waiting for the right woman to heal his broken heart and get his attention. As soon as Skylar was in his life, he stopped with the hand holding of his brother’s girls, and this pleased me lots.

I’m going to take a break from these books for a little while – the brothers have too many characteristics in common and they’re starting to blur for me. The author didn’t write and publish all in one go, so it’s not always good to read a series this way (though I love to do this, when it works). With this particular series it’s become harder to appreciate the differences in the stories. That said, I’m excited to know what happens with Paul, the oldest and the father figure in the family, whose book is next. So maybe I’ll break my word.

Rating: C+/B-

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Maybe Matt’s Miracle
by Tammy Falkner
Release Date: April 30, 2014
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing

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