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deeper descentReviewed by Shelly

I’ve been waiting on this follow-up for about a year now and yes, it was totally worth the wait. I got sucked back in, just like that. My mind was doing some serious over time after reading Noah and Avi’s story, so I had some trouble sitting down to do the review. A few hours later… I’m ready now.

Picking update directly after Book 1 ended, Avi and Noah are still reeling from Harry’s death. She’s just lost the father she’d just met and Noah’s missing the father figure that Harry represented. Between them both, there are some serious issues going on. Avi’s still running from the feelings that Noah brings out in her. That actually got a little old with me, because she’s either in or she’s out. I’m still trying to figure out what she thought that Noah really did. I know as the reader looking in, it’s easy for me to see what Noah actually was.  I figured Avi for a smart girl, but maybe I’m being too hard on her.

Noah… you miserable criminal murdering son of a… you made this story for me. This kind of an anti-hero isn’t in my normal array of favorites, but there’s something about this tortured brutish thug that I just couldn’t get enough of. You hurt one of those who he considers friend or family, and you might want to watch your back for as long as you can either stay alive or get out of dodge (I don’t think anyone got so far as that second choice). Noah is the best kind of friend to those he holds close.

For Avi, she clearly doesn’t understand the world that Noah’s a part of. She doesn’t necessarily buck the system, but she not too fond of the messengers either. Poor Mel. With Sofie as her only friend and something of a mentor in this new world that she finds herself, Avi just really need to start paying attention. Quickly.

I kinda sorta understood what her issues were with Noah – his lack of communication, but if I were Noah I would have treated her the same way. There’s nothing in Noah’s world that suggests that trust comes easy, and he warned her at the end of book 1 – take me as I am. She listened to him, but she didn’t understand exactly what he was saying. That’s a lot of their conflict as a couple – communication or lack there of, on both sides.

The chemistry between Avi and Noah is still very strong; nothing’s been lost between books. I did find Avi seems easily distracted when Noah initiates the sexy times with her though, and that made for a weak heroine – yes, weak, because it happened more than a couple times. Not to say that it’s not passionate and sweet when she’s easily distracted, but if it’s important to you the sex can wait.

Cass, Ro and Gavin are still the best friends and brothers from another mother that Noah can ever hope for. Stacy, Beth and Sofie are still here; there are a couple of new characters, but nothing that derails from the core storyline. Even Ido and Brash from book 1 made this one better. I relished in what happened with those two. Don’t judge.

Then there’s the antagonist. This dude is straight cray cray. There’s nothing about him that’s sane and that makes for the one of the best bad guys I’ve read in a very long while. The length that dude went to to get to Noah – oh my! And that thing with Nelly – that’s got to have some sense of reality in it, because there’s no way that that didn’t happen in real life. Remember when I said that I’m having trouble with this – it’s not really a bad trouble, it’s just a seriously – did that just happen?

I’m really looking forward for the next one on the series.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B+/A-

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Deeper: Descent
by Allyn Lesley
Release Date: April 5, 2016


  1. allyn lesley says:


    I waited and waited. Well, your review humbled me. I’m so very glad you enjoyed this one. I hope Avi redeems herself in your eyes in the final chapter, book three. Thanks for jumping right in.

    • Shelly Browne says:

      Haha! I see what you did there Holy smackado – that bad guy! He made me say very bad things, very bad. Well done Allyn!

  2. Jolie Vines says:

    Ooh this sounds good, love a dark anti-hero. Will pick this series up.

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