Review: Demons From My Past by JL Leslie

demons from my pastReviewed by Shelly

Kingsley Huxton is 5 years sober from both drugs and alcohol. There’s nothing she’d rather do than make her father proud, because she’s been disappointing him since she was a teenager stealing from and lying to him all in the name of getting her next hit. She’s finally in a place where she can do right by her family.

She’s already got her mother and younger sister on her side, so the only one left is her father. After what was probably a brow beating from his wife, Kingsley’s father agrees that she can come to work at his company as an Events Planner. On Kingsley’s first day at work she meets Paxton Rowe who happens to be the guy she kissed in the alley the night before. Whoopsie!

Kingsley gets distracted by some false sense of woe is me when her father doesn’t take her around and introduce her to everyone in the company. I’m not sure why she couldn’t introduce herself, but hey, that’s just me. After getting her first assignment from her father, Kingsley’s feelings are again hurt because her father didn’t praise her directly that same night. Now this is her first thing to do for the company and the poor man has had such a nasty history with his first born – I completely understood him wanting her to prove herself with more than a single event before he handed over the keys to the both his company and his heart. Kingsley and her friends have literally robbed his home and broken into his company and robbed him there too – more than once.

There’s a moment when Kingsley walks into her father’s office without knocking and finds him in a compromising position with a woman who from prior actions didn’t want Kingsley to succeed. I didn’t believe that her father is that stupid for one second – it was completely out of character for her him to do that. And then for Kingsley and her father to come to an understand after – yeah, I didn’t buy that at all.

There’s a lot about Kingsley I really wanted to like because I was supposed to like her, but I never got the sense that she truly felt sorrow for her drug induced actions towards her parents; it felt like she thought she was due her parents unconditionally trust without showing that she’d changed and was willing to work for their trust and forgiveness. And she’s got these tattoos that she says she’s got for all the friends she’s lost over the years to drugs. Oh, okay I’m guessing a photograph and memories just can’t get the job done. I don’t know why she just didn’t say she liked the way they looked. Speaking of – I never want to see tattoo sleeves on my events planner on a posh hotel.

Then there’s Paxton. His issues seemed forced. After he recognizes Kingsley as the girl from the night before and the daughter of the CEO, he tells her to stay away from him. Then he tells her something completely opposite a short time later. There were just too many things about him that didn’t flow very well for me. This is told from both of the POVs so there is insight to him, but what there was, just was kind of ‘meh’.

I’m not even sure I liked these two as a couple. Things moved fast; the sex happened quickly and it was all super secret and there was just not enough of the getting to know each other between them to make me like them as a couple.

Kingsley best friend is a former addict just like her. She’s actually not as former as Kingsley as she falls into bouts of using when her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend (depending on the day) shows up looking for something. Kingsley and her BFF’s relationship was interesting because of their dependence on each other for support and reality checks. The meetings were helpful but their friendship helped with the daily minutiae of urges and cravings. For all the love and support that they provided each other, I was disappointed with Kingsley when she wasn’t diligent in checking in on her best friend during one of said boyfriend’s visits — argh!

The heavy drama at the end made up for a lot but even that could have had a bit more of Kingsley struggling and not just time passing.  Overall, this was meh.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: C

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Demons From My Past
by JL Leslie
Release Date: December 24, 2015

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