Review: Devil May Care by Pippa DaCosta

devil may careReviewed by Jen

One thing is for sure, Pippa Dacosta doesn’t flinch away from the dark. It’s one thing to know your heroine has endured the stuff of nightmares. It’s another to see it happen on the page. Muse faced a tough battle in the first book of this series, but it was nothing compared to her fight in this installment. That’s because her owner is back. The demon she thought she had killed to win her freedom isn’t only alive, but he’s in the human world and he’s hunting her. It’s only a matter of time before she has to face him again, only this time she has made an enemy of her former savior, and her inner demon is inaccessible. The deck is stacked against her, and you feel it in spades.

I’ve said before that Muse isn’t you’re average UF heroine. She has power, yes, but she is so broken too. It seemed like her victory in the last book really elevated her, but this story really brings home how vulnerable she is –and how virtually alone she is in the world. It makes her so sympathetic, because you see her fighting her hardest to do the right thing, but she is beat down over and over again. She struggles with emotions she can’t contain, the limitations of her nature that she can’t control, and the monsters, both human and demon who would crush her in order to pull her strings.

It’s tough reading. But I didn’t want to put it down.

What’s interesting to me is how Dacosta makes you feel like you know these characters in one minute, then turns those perceptions upside down. We really don’t know Akil. We don’t know Stefan. Yeah, Damien is pretty one-dimensionally evil, but everyone else lives in shades of gray. We only have Muse’s perception of them all, and she doesn’t usually know which end is up.

This is a story with a lot of action. It made me feel things. It’s got dark themes like rape and abuse, so be warned. But it’s not without hope. There are just a ton of ups and downs. And just as much as the story really changed and evolved over the course of book 1, so does it here. That said, this story builds from the first one. It’s not a standalone. Start with Beyond the Veil.

Now I’m off to jump into book 3.

Rating: B/B+

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Devil May Care
by Pippa DaCosta
Release Date: May 13, 2014


  1. Am so enjoying this series. The scene where Muse wakes in the hut? Dark.

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