Review: Proving Paul’s Promise by Tammy Falkner

proving pauls promiseReviewed by Joanna

I really meant to stop reading this series for a while cos it got a bit same-y. Well, that didn’t happen. There were just two brothers to go, so I went straight for book five and big, tall Paul.

Paul’s the eldest of the Reed brothers and the guy who had to pick up the slack when their dad walked out after their mother died. I’m a sucker for a guy who has to stand up and be a man, and Paul gave up so much to raise his four brothers. He’s also been crazy about Friday, the tattoo shop receptionist and artist for the four years she’s worked for him.

They kissed once and there were fireworks, but he had somewhere to go and when he came back, understandably Friday was annoyed so kicked him to the curb. In fact, for ages she told him she was a lesbian so she could keep him at bay. I missed the part where he found out she was into guys, but he now knows and he gets all cross when she brings a boyfriend into the shop and kisses him in full view.

Now Friday’s guy of the moment is actually a gay friend she’s trying to be a surrogate for. Seems incredible for a young woman who doesn’t already have her own kids (this really wouldn’t happen in the UK) but she’s made the offer and been inseminated.

There’s unwarranted jealousy, there’s a bit of not-my-baby melodrama, there’s a whole load of the other brothers and their families hanging around. Emily and Logan have their baby; we have pregnancies all over the place – this really is the Reed Brothers baby edition.

So does Paul and Friday’s story stack up? Well, it’s entertaining enough and probably a little better than the last couple of books. The couple lives together for a while for contrived reasons and there’s cuteness as Paul tried to convince her to get with him. His ex and baby mama of his daughter Hayley is on the scene and wants him back, but she’s not much by way of threat.

Friday has issues to overcome before she can commit (not to mention the surrogacy deal). And although one issue from her past is dealt with, I would worry (if I were Paul) that something else might crop up and risk my HEA if my partner wasn’t telling me their whole story. We know her family life was bad and we know she had a different first name, but beyond that she’s a bit of an island and I would like to have found out more about her. Big thing being the decision she made for her gay friends. This is incredible and it felt very bolted on without knowing her better.

Then there’s a TV crew who start filming a reality show in the tattoo shop but we don’t see anything of this which felt like a wasted opportunity for some interesting scenes.

Overall, we get lots more of the Reeds and another easy HEA with tons of kids now involved. It’s sweet and sexy and (almost) everyone is likeable and nice. Happy reading material, but I’m still frustrated that there’s little to get angsty over like in the first two books. And having to pay homage to all the old characters is getting bit ridiculous – them all being in the delivery suite was insane.

Rating: B-

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Proving Paul’s Promise
by Tammy Falkner
Release Date: July 16, 2014
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing


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