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rogue beladorReviewed by Jen

This book wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. I expected to move from a focus on Evalle to Tzader and his quest to reunite with his lady love, Brina. And while that story was there, it wasn’t quite in the framework I wanted. These books have never been romances, but they have centered on great, complex characters, intricate plots, and a romantic thread. I loved Storm and Evalle’s slow burn, but Tzader and Brina’s story here just didn’t make me feel anything. Maybe it was because they were already in love. Maybe it was because we’ve really seen so little of Brina’s character –and that’s not really remedied here. But mostly, I think it was because this book focused all on the mission and not the emotion.

I feel like I should point out this book got lots of great reviews by other readers. And all of our core characters are back. In fact, this was most assuredly not Tzader’s book. Evalle is just central as ever. I guess it’s an ensemble piece, which for me, made it lack an emotional center, even though it had a central plot.

Basically, the events of the last book have left Brina with no memory of Tzader or any other parts of her life. She only knows him in their shared dreams and even that is starting to fade. But a powerful warrior approaches Tzader in the dream world, offering him a deal to save her. Tzader must steal the throne from the Medb queen and free the trapped dragon inside. In return, that dragon will return Brina’s memories and save the group from Macha’s reprisals.

The mission is a difficult one and requires the aid of Adrianna, Tristan, and others we’ve met along the way. All of the characters are back –or at least get a mention– but it felt like there were a lot of new names and faces too… characters with backstory I had no recollection of. It made me wonder why they were stuffed in there… to add depth to the world or for spinoffs?  Either way, they didn’t add anything to the story.

I feel like we’ve wandered so far from where we started, and so many threads are just hanging. Like Quinn archasnd his dead baby-mama who I’m sure will end up alive again. I’m sure that’s going to come back around at some point, but I just don’t care anymore. Storm and Evalle are happy, which is great, but there is no more oomph. And I need that pull, if not from them, than from another couple. This whole thing was pretty meh for me. The pacing was uneven, too, and it just felt long.

I don’t know that I will continue with this series, which is a shame, because at one point, I thought it was pretty awesome.

Rating: C

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Rogue Belador
by Dianna Love
Release Date: April 12, 2016
Publisher: Silver Hawk Press

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