Review: Shadowed Blade by JC Daniels

shadowed bladeReviewed by Jen

I know it’s hard to wait for a new book when you love a series. I’m right there with you, griping and wondering if that precious story I want is ever going to get here. This book, in particular, was one we had to wait on. And I hate to say it, but we should have waited a little bit longer. The story is a good one. As it unfolds, there are some major revelations. It unlocks secrets and it changes Kit’s life. It’s a big deal and the ideas are really good. But the book feels so unfinished. By that, I don’t mean that there’s a problem with the ending. I mean, it needed more work. It needed more time, and maybe as fans, that’s partly our fault for pushing so hard for it to come out.  It wasn’t ready, and you’ll be able to tell.

I felt a huge disconnect in the first few chapters. We jumped right in to this mission with Kit and Justin. And I felt so lost. Where was Damon? How long have they been separated? Where did the events of the Frankie novella take place? Is Kit broken or fixed? How much was I forgetting from a previous book and how much was supposed to be new? Just… everything. It took a while for me to find a rhythm, for it to feel like a Kit Colbana book.

Once it did, the story itself was great. Kit and Justin are investigating cases for the President, but something feels really wrong, and eventually, they become hunted. The story follows Kit and her people as they try to figure out who the villain is and how this all ties to the missing supernaturals we learned about earlier in the series. Kit’s broken bond to her weapons is finally addressed –and we’re getting back to her past and her family that is hunting for her. Plus, we get Damon and Doyle and Chang and all the great characters that help make this series sing.

But there are editing issues. Everything from spelling to grammar… to punctuation… even sentences that basically repeat themselves. All things common in early drafts of a book. All things that if given proper time and attention could be fixed and allow for a much better reading experience. Every book in the series has been self-published. But this is the first one that didn’t feel like it could have come through a publishing house.

Fans of the series shouldn’t skip this one, but prepare yourself for some dips in the road. Hopefully, the next installment will return to the quality I know these books are capable of.

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Shadowed Blade
by JC Daniels
Release Date: April 25, 2016


  1. I felt exactly the same way. I loved the story, but was very disappointed in the editing. I do agree that you’re right to blame us, as readers, for pushing authors to get books out faster. I also agree that I would’ve rather have waited and gotten a book that was a little more finished. I will still push this series hard, because it is still a phenomenal series. Great review.

  2. Nona Case says:

    Ditto! Since you hit the nail on the head, so to speak, I don’t have to review on amazon. Does she self-publish? Because her editor wasn’t doing the job that should have been done. Saying ‘wait’, do it again.
    Love the series, will buy the next one……but it can’t have the same rushed, shallow feel of this one. If so, it would be my last.
    SIDENOTE: wanted to catch all of you at the NolaCon, but it is all sold out!!!
    Have fun!

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