Review: The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake by Jessica Clare

billionaires favorite mistakeReviewed by Jaimie

The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake is the fourth book in the Billionaires and Bridesmaids series by Jessica Clare. Despite the whole billionaire thing, the description of this one really appealed to me. I love the accidental pregnancy trope, so despite not having read any of the other books in this series, I dove right in. Thankfully it didn’t feel like I had missed anything major by not having read the previous books. I’m not going to say this book will hit my all time favorites list, but overall it was a fast read with an entertaining story and a really sweet couple.

Greer Chada-Janssen is the daughter of an Indian mother who passed away when she was young, and a cold Swedish father. Since college she has carried a torch for her roommate/friend Asher and now that he’s been single for two years, she decides it’s time to make her move. Dressing up in a completely revealing costume for a party she knows he will be attending, Greer puts her reservations aside and is determined to reveal her feelings to him.

Asher Sutton got majorly screwed over by his high school sweetheart. Not only did she break his heart and dump him cold, she sold his company’s secrets to the competitor, which almost cost him everything. A loan from Greer’s father kept him afloat for the last two years, but he has been drinking and solely focused on work.   Greer has been trying subtly to get his attention at their weekly lunches, but at their friends’ engagement party, she decides to throw caution to the wind and goes for it.

By the time Greer arrives at the party, Asher is already well on his way to being drunk and when he starts kissing and hitting on Greer she thinks all her dreams are finally coming true. She even tells him she loves him. They go into the bushes for some privacy, and before Greer realizes what’s happening, Asher has her panties off and to say this is a quickie is quite the understatement. Disillusioned, Greer cleans up and after telling Asher off, runs off with her dreams crushed.

After the disastrous encounter at the party, Greer cuts off all contact with Asher, and throws herself into her work. Once she realizes she is pregnant, Greer is determined to keep the baby and equally determined to keep Asher out. She throws a party for her emotionless father, and Asher shows up with two goals – one is to thank Greer’s dad for the loan; and second is to mend fences with her for the way he treated her that night months ago. He’s finally realizing how important she is to him and doesn’t want anything to come between them. As he’s apologizing she pulls away and he realizes she’s pregnant with his child. Too bad she hates him right now…

Asher comes up with an idea to spend plenty of time with Greer and try to earn her forgiveness, and from that point I couldn’t stop reading. No doubt Asher was an ass to Greer all those months ago, however its clear that was just a drunken move, not who this guy really is. As they spend more and more time together, you really get to see the sweet development of their relationship. There is no shortage of hot sex scenes, but there is really a lot of focus on the couple and their relationship, which I loved.

Overall this is a good book. There are a few things that were a little over the top, but that is to be expected in these types of stories. The hero and heroine were both likeable and relatable (despite the whole rich part) and the supporting characters were great. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series I think it’s going to be quite funny.

Rating: B

*ARC provided by publisher for review

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The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake
by Jessica Clare
Release Date: June 21, 2016
Publisher: Penguin


  1. oh this sounds fantastic to read!!! I am reading this soon so I am looking forward to it. I do like that this author is very quick to read.

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