Review: The Blind Date by Delaney Diamond

blind dateReviewed by Shelly

Six years ago, while in town for her last internship with one of the top companies, Shawna meets a persistent yet charming Ryan Stewart. After seeing Shawna across the room kind of thing, Ryan pursues her for about half a block before snagging a date. A date turns into sex and a night turns into the weekend. After their blissful time, Shawna is surprised when she finds out when Ryan lied – he’s not the single man he said he was.

Since their disaster of a weekend and the interim years, Shawna’s fulfilled her singular dream of having her own French inspired boutique. She’s successful and doing exactly what she want to so. But her older sister Yvonne, who is completely happy in her life as a wife and mother, wants Shawna’s happiness to include having a man in her life, so she sets up Shawna on a blind date with a friend of her husband’s.

Having moved to the same town where Shawna lives, Ryan’s now running his own furniture making business. He’s not been actively searching for Shawna, but it’s got to be fate when he sees a picture of his new friend’s sister in law. Through some shenanigans, Ryan sets up a blind date to get to see Shawna again. He’s missed her and the happiness he felt when he was with her.

Their first date after the 6 year separation is actually one of my favorite scenes, because Shawna is understandably surprised to see him and she lets him know. No punches (pun intended) held. Her life since Ryan’s been a bit of a mess in the romance department, because she compares the way she feels to the way she felt when she was with Ryan. And so to see him after all those years put her in a little tail spin, but after a little bit of Shawna’s ‘get away from me’ they decide to act civil and sit down to a meal at Shawna’s favorite French restaurant. The dinner was uncomfortable for both, and I actually appreciated that.

The chemistry between Shawna and Ryan is good, but I wasn’t really excited about them as a couple. I can’t say that I enjoyed them as individuals because there’s not a lot that we find out about them outside of this relationship. I like to know childhood stories, little quirks, hobbies, work and all the things that make up a character’s personality, and I can’t say that I got to know those things about either of these characters. What I got was some quick sex after dinner and a romance that moved quickly with as few words as possible.

Even with not so great character development, I’m curious enough to want to read book 2.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B-/C+

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The Blind Date
by Delaney Diamond
Release Date: September 20, 2013
Publisher: Garden Avenue Press

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