Review: The Curse of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones

curse of tenth graveReviewed by Jen

After a disappointing ninth installment, I’m happy to say that the Charley Davidson series got a healthy dose of its shine back for me with this book. Everything I love about the series is back. Charley is still irreverent and funny. Reyes is sexy and broody. Cookie is charming. There are cases to solve and people to save. And the tone is light and engaging, without ever letting us forget the serious stakes that lie underneath. Add to all of that, the series arc is advancing. Lingering questions are answered. And the ending totally rocks.

Charley is trying to get her life back to normal after her bout of amnesia. But that is difficult to do while mourning her separation from Beep and questioning all that she learned about her husband in the last book. Remember that when her dad passed through her, he showed her Reyes’ true origins. But Charley has no idea whether Reyes, himself, knows where he comes from. And worse, if he finds outs, will he return to the evil god he once was?

If that weren’t enough, she’s working a murder case where the prime suspect is innocent. AND she’s trying to solve the curse taking the lives of children in an orphanage nearby. As always, Charley’s cases keep the book moving and the pace never lags. But it’s the personal mysteries that are the heart of the book. Charley makes us laugh, but her worries are real. Of course, some of her issues could be solved by communication with Reyes, but while their secrets frustrated me at times, they DO make progress. (They also have hot sex, so …yay for that.) Darynda Jones also addresses a lingering thread that has left me waiting for answers since “Brighter Than the Sun.”

As much as I enjoyed the story (and the series,) I’m wondering how much longer it can (or should) keep going without a resolution. I feel like Beep is going to be the star of a spinoff with great potential. So let’s let Charley kick some ass. And get her family back together. She and Reyes have earned their HEA. I’m ready to see it.

Rating: B

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The Curse of Tenth Grave
by Darynda Jones
Release Date: June 28, 2016
Publisher: St. Martins

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