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Not long ago I read my first motorcycle club book and somewhat enjoyed it. It was silly, a bit misogynistic, but the scene was kinda cool, and it was tongue in cheek and made me laugh. So I asked a MC book fan for their favorite of the genre and this is what they kindly recommended.

Undeniable covers the relationship between a couple from when they are child/young man to mature woman/middle aged guy. There are more obstacles between these two than the eighteen year age gap alone – they’re in rival clubs, there are other marriages and children, and there is one hell of a battle of wills. It’s not pretty, in fact in places it’s downright horrible, but it’s quite a ride. (Pun intended.)

Eva’s the daughter of the Silver Demons MC president and the darling of the club. At age 5, her daddy’s in jail and on visiting day she meets and charms 23 year old Deuce of rival club Hell’s Horsemen. He’s going about his own business, organizing to have his father killed, but something about Eva pulls on his heartstrings. They next meet when she’s 12 and his brother’s just been killed. She comforts him and he protects her from some older kids. He still sees her as a child (thank god for that!) but all this changes on their third meeting. Eva’s now 16 and almost a woman. Her step brother, Frankie, starts making moves on her and Eva’s not happy (the guy’s shared her bed since they were little, but now his interest has changed – ew) and Deuce hangs around to make sure she’s okay.

Of course they end up kissing and he gives her her first orgasm, though he realizes he’s messed up and he bolts. Yeah, no kidding. She’s 16, he’s 34, but not only that – he’s married too. Her father inflicts suitable retribution by shooting Deuce twice and sending him in his way.

He survives and though they hardly see each other, he’s still obsessed with her and she’s in love with him. At one point, Eva pursues Deuce to his club’s base.

Deuce tries to explain the attraction to his fellow MC club members who are somewhat surprised at the age gap. “It’s not like that,” Deuce muttered, feeling strangely embarrassed. “Got nothin’ to do with her age. Never has. Been likin’ her since she was just a kid, and now her bein’ a woman, my cock likes her too. But it’s never been ‘bout her age. Straight up, it’s always been just ‘bout her.”

They have a lot of sex and then he tries to make her take up the role of his old lady. But the last thing Eva wants is to be kept away from club business as old ladies are, so they fail again. It’s three years till they see each other the next time.

And so it goes on. Eva enters an awful marriage and Deuce treats his wife terribly and repeatedly behaves badly to Eva too – in one scene he forces Eva to kiss him whilst he’s getting head off another woman. He’s trying to sever the connection between them (him and Eva), but yuck.

I think it was his grubby behavior that turned me off them as a couple. The life of an MC club is raw and dangerous and Deuce is not that nice a guy. In fact, very few people in this book could be described as nice. They’re all pretty antisocial and romance doesn’t really exist. That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the telling of the story, but I’m not going to jump into any more MC club books for a while. Not until someone can recommend me one where women aren’t treated like shrill shrieking bits of furniture and the hero doesn’t cheat. It just leaves me dissatisfied and as this is the territory of the genre, I think I’ll step back.

Rating: C/B (romance/quality of the writing)

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by Madeline Sheehan
Release Date: October 7, 2012


  1. Holy crap, whomever rec’d this to you as an MC Romance did not do you a favor. This is KNOWN for its untypical controversial non-romance drama, and is totally fringe!!!!! This couldn’t be more atypical of the genre if it tried. I don’t know what the other MC is that you’ve tried, but some recs are: Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley, and Joanna Wylde’s Reapers series.

    • Hi Pamela, good to know Undeniable is atypical of the genre and thanks for the alternatives – I’ll go check them out on goodreads. To be fair to my recommendee, I asked for their favourites and this is what they liked. I wasn’t so enamoured but maybe I’ll give it another shot 🙂

  2. Shelly Browne says:

    And that’s exactly why I don’t that genre.

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