Review: Undecided by Julianna Keyes

undecidedReviewed by Joanna

You know when you pick up a book and it’s so bang on to your tastes you love it from the off? = me with Undecided.

I like college NA, I like the player-falls-in-love trope, I like people having hidden depths and I like this well-written book. A lot.

To the plot – Nora Kincaid is in her second year at college and trying to live very differently than her wild first year. She screwed around, got arrested and failed her courses. This year she’s moving house to be with a boring and studious flatmate and promised herself, her parents and the Dean of the school that she won’t make the same mistakes again. Nora Bora is a la mode.

But when she gets to the new apartment, who should answer the door but one of the biggest players on campus – Crosbie Lucas. He’s a muscle-bound, auburn-haired sex god, and Nora takes one look and nearly leaves. But it’s not his apartment – his best friend, the uber-popular Kellan dashes down the stairs and begs Nora not to go. He put a fake name in his advert because he, too, wants a quiet year and moved out of the frat house in order to get it.

Nora wants the room but there’s an issue with Kellan involving her wild first year. And worse – he clearly doesn’t remember. The secret looms great over our heroine and returns to bite her on the ass at a crucial moment later on. That’s pretty much it for angst, which was refreshing, but it still hit me right in the feels.

Now if you’ve looked at the cover to this book and thought it was a love triangle, think again. I’m not a huge fan of the old love triangle and whilst there is the element of mixing the guys up, it’s dear, sweet, sexy Crosbie who’s our hero in the frame. I’m half in love with him myself and was cheering him on from the side-lines as I binge-read this novel. He is such a sweetheart, and I promise you’ll adore him and want to take him home. (He does magic tricks. It’s weirdly cute.)

Overall this is a fresh, bouncy, fun read, with two hot guys I enjoyed thinking about. I liked Nora which goes a long way to helping me invest in a HEA. The banter and relationship she has with her friends and with Crosbie is sweet and funny and the only thing I disliked was the cold weather. Brr.

If you like Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen’s NA novels, there’s a good chance this will be up your street. I actually feel sad this book is over. I want Kellan’s story and I’ve heard this is in development so yay.

Rating: A

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by Julianna Keyes
Release Date: April 4, 2016


  1. I loved this one. Kinda sounded like several I’ve read before but it was so much more and the characters were better and genuine and funny. Awww all the feels. I really enjoyed Going the Distance by the same author. Much darker (sort of, just not as upbeat) and the ending could’ve been longer (but it always could for me ha). I’ve reread it several times and I think I’ll do the same with Undecided.

  2. You’re right Mara – there isn’t anything hugely original here, but the quality of the writing is what made it for me. I think JK is a great author and I’ll read more of her work. That said, I read Going the Distance off the back of this one but wasn’t nearly as blown away. Review to be posted soon.

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