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chaos risesReviewed by Jen

The world of the Veil series is back!

When I learned this was a spinoff, I jumped in and tore through the Veil books like they were wrapping paper on Christmas morning. You don’t have to read those books to enjoy this one, but I will say that you should read them… simply because they were just that good.

We were first introduced to Gem and her brother Del in the previous series. They’re half bloods who were raised by the nefarious Institute and trained to kill demons. It wasn’t until the world went to hell that they were busted out, and now they are trying to live outside of those stifling walls for the first time in their lives. They rely on each other to keep their inner monsters in check. They also rely on PC34A, the drug they got from the Institute to suppress their baser urges. The thing is, now that they are free from their old masters, they have to depend on a new one to get their fix.

The story started out a little slow for me. But to be fair, there was a lot of building to do. I had to get to know Gem, who is very different from Muse. And it was difficult to accept her relationship with Allard, her demon “master.” But, as with the Veil books, the world building is fantastic, and the book got better and more engaging, the longer I read.

The basic premise: Del has gone missing and Gem will do anything in her power to get her brother back. But she is hindered by her need for the PC34A. It’s not an addiction, but it’s the only thing that allows her to maintain her humanity. And she knows that without the control it gives her, her demon will do what it was trained to do: kill.

Along the way, we’re introduced to another half-demon, Torrent, who may be a love interest down the line, but there’s barely a whiff of that here.  He’s a mysterious guy and I look forward to unraveling more of his backstory. I can’t decide if he was a monster or a tortured hero or some strange combination of the two. But I do know I want more of him.

Fans of the Veil books will be excited to see the Prince of Pride return. And the other main demons of the story are so richly evil, it’s almost a guilty pleasure to read about them.

It was tough at times to see what Gem was willing to endure to get her drug. And it was sad to recognize how little of human life she had, when it is so very important to her. But it was very cool to watch her ascend into her demon… to let it all go when she had to. This is one powerful woman and once she is willing to embrace both sides of herself, nothing is going to stand in her way.

Bring on book 2!

Rating: B

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Chaos Rises
by Pippa DaCosta
Release Date: June 29, 2016

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