Review: Drowning in the Dark by Pippa DaCosta

drowning in the darkReviewed by Jen

OK. So basically, these books are like crack. This one, in particular, grabbed me from the very first page, with an amazing Akil POV prologue. One of the things that has really gotten under my skin with these stories is that I never truly know which end is up. We generally only have Muse’s point of view, so often as readers, we are tricked and manipulated right along with her. But getting the truth, hearing Akil’s thoughts… well, there is no arguing with that. And before we even get to chapter one, how I look at these characters has changed yet again.

The thing is, the rug gets ripped out from under me before I can even really wrap my head around it. The Institute takes Akil hostage just as the other demon princes make their plans to cross over from the netherworld. So much is at stake with the big picture and Muse has a major role to play, but there is also so much blowing up in her own life. She is mourning what happened to Dawn and how it fractured her relationship with Ryder. She’s still got Damien locked on to her soul. And then, there is still Stefan, who seems to go back and forth in wanting to love her and wanting to kill her.

Love triangles suck. They suck bitter, pulpy lemons. But this one has me totally in its grip. I want things to work out with Stefan so hard, but then Ahil creeps up on me. And just like he does with Muse, he charms me; he makes me believe that there is something real there. I’m tied up in knots, but in a totally delicious way.

The world building has me totally engrossed. The princes are so awful and fascinating; Pippa Dacosta has drawn them so well. They are monsters, truly, but I don’t want to look away. With Muse’s brother Val, it almost feels like his oily blackness is coming off the page. Stefan’s father Adam is every bit the monster, as well, albeit in a human shell. It drives home that a monster is defined more by who someone is than by what they are.

These books are not for the faint of heart. They are not light reading. They should not be read out of order. And you should probably clear your schedule if you decide to give them a try, because if you’re anything like me, you will tear through them until you’re done. But it’s worth it. Muse is worth it, because boy has she come into her own. And Stefan with his fragile grip on humanity, and Akil with his… I don’t even know what.

Plus, the ending. Wow. Must keep reading.

Rating: A-

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Drowning in the Dark
by Pippa DaCosta
Release Date: February 1, 2015

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