Review: Fool Me Once by Katee Robert

fool me onceReviewed by Joanna

Snarky gothy geek girl hates huge hunky cowboy. All the way from grr to rawr.

Aubry is a wee bit antisocial. Well that’s an understatement – she hates all people bar her best friend, Jules. She makes her money creating websites for people from the safety of her apartment and seldom goes out due to crippling social anxiety. She’s also a crack shot on the online game Deathmatch and one day gets invited to play the alpha test of a new release at a gamers’ convention. Dream come true, except Aubry can’t handle people or crowds.

Now matchmaker Jules sees an opportunity. Her fella has a single friend named Quinn. He’s getting all kinds of heat from his wealthy family about settling down and he needs a date for his sister’s wedding to keep them off his back. It just so happens that the two events coincide nicely. But there’s a problem. Aubry and Quinn despise each other. Whenever they’re near, she snarls, he teases. But they need each other so they reluctantly agree to a protector/pretend girlfriend deal and hit the road. Yay, cos sparks fly.

This novel goes just the way you’d expect. Roadtrip/convention/wedding/hot scenes. It’s sexy and well written and the H&H are described just enough to enable you to feel their tension. It’s not angsty and it’s not stuffed with detail. In fact, I rattled through it and found the pacing and story quality to be great.

Aubry is a vibrant and feisty character and her neuroses and panic attacks were well drawn. I got her and her motivations and wanted things to work out for her. Quinn is a big guy and kind, but I can’t say I’ve taken much away about what he looked like. I’ve just put the book down and I have no idea if he’s blond or brunette. I think he has a beard or at least stubble. In retrospect I don’t think that matters all that much. He’s hot. He knows what he’s doing in bed. That’ll do.

I’d have liked there to have been a little more emotion in some places, particularly at the end, and I wouldn’t have minded it being longer with more time being spent on the scenes where they change their minds about one another, or maybe another sex scene or two, but overall I really enjoyed this book and would recommend.

Rating: B+ (with the first half warranting an A-)

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Fool Me Once
by Katee Robert
Release Date: August 1, 2016

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