Review: Lightning That Lingers by Sharon and Tom Curtis

lightning that lingersReviewed by Shelly

The kindle version, which is the one that I read, was published in 2011, however the initial paperback version of this book was from 1983. I’ve gone on ad nauseam about my love of a good story – regardless of the topic and some of my reviews have reflected high ratings even for a genre that I find unlikeable. I enjoyed everything about this story.

The writing was so good; it featured¬†words that I’ve not seen in romance in many a moon, words that kept me turning the pages; there’s nothing graphic – no vulgar language and by that I mean no cursing and the sex was mentioned in a line or two definitely nothing more than a paragraph. Much more tease than fruition.

To find a character like Jennifer Hamilton in today’s romance, many would criticize for being shy, virginal and not realistic. I liked Jennifer. Yes, she’s young but she’s far from stupid and unlike many of today’s heroines who have been exposed to society’s over exposure to everything sexual and the in your face mentality – Jennifer chose a different road – the unassuming one of a librarian, which is why I wanted to read this.

One evening her co-workers talk her into go to a strip club. An interesting decision to go because Jennifer’s exposure to the male’s naked form is – limited, okay non-existent. She grew up with her mother as her only parent and there’s some back story about her father and the town that she moved from to make a relatively fresh start someplace new. After seeing Philip Brooks across the room (in the strip club) she didn’t realize he’s a stripper. She knew he worked there but not in what capacity. Some things happen that are typical in those kinds of places, but Jennifer was having no part of it.

Outside in the not smoke filled world these two run into each other again and Philip’s predicament is revealed. Philip’s part of the elite in town. He’s elite by family but not by wealth or even his own choices. He’s stripping to be able to afford the taxes on the mansion he lives in. He’s really not all that sluggish in his ability to create income, he actually has a valid reason for doing what he does.

What I really enjoyed about these two was that Jennifer didn’t immediately give into Philips advances. Yes, he’s good looking and can get any one he wants to but to his disbelief, Jennifer’s not falling for his game. The up and downs and their back and forth was a delight to read. That’s where all the action is: nothing but words of persuasion and the sweet smell of romance. Awww.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B+

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Lightning That Lingers
by Sharon Curtis & Tom Curtis
Release Date: August 8, 2011
Publisher: Loveswept


  1. I read this book back in 1983 and adored it but had long since given up my copy. I happily bought the Kindle version when it was re-released and found that it had not lost any of it’s magic for me. One of my favorite romances ever.

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