Review: Marrying Her Rich Asian Widower by Mary Peart

marrying her rich asian widowerReviewed by Shelly

I don’t normally read stories with a title that’s so… how should I put this… let’s just say explanatory, but I picked this one up because the blurb has promise (I’ve been fooled before) and because I have no shame – the price was affordable.

Self employed Janice Langley owns a floristry. She’s had the business for a few years and is quite profitable, but more important, she loves what she’s doing. After getting an order from David Hattori, of Hattori Vehicle Imports, for flowers for his office, Janice and David begin their friendship. David’s earned billionaire status from a business that’s been passed down from his father – it’s importing luxury cars from Asia.

It’s been a long time since I read a book that I’ve truly felt such dislike for. The heroine, Janice, is unlikeable. After meeting David, she finds out that he’s a widower of a year. Armed with this knowledge, Janice can’t wrap her head around the idea that David feels guilty for his wife’s death. Yep, it’s been a year already – why hasn’t he moved on and why can’t he move on with her? Did I mention that these two barely just met and already these thoughts are flowing? She’s already wondering how she’s going to convince him they need each other – all this after a kiss or two.

David’s feeling guilty alright because he and his dead wife’s marriage was an arranged marriage, and although it was an amicable arrangement, they weren’t in love. At least he wasn’t in love with her. Actually if I was David, I would have run from Janice as fast as I could. Not sure how her telling him how he felt about her was so irresistible, more like a restraining order is what it should have been.

Janice’s pursuit of David was so 12 year old/7th grade ish that I couldn’t help but laugh in a new place where I know I shouldn’t laugh. I think I know where Janice gets her relationship style from, her parents. Janice’s mother, Janet, and her father Richard were married for 20 years, and during their marriage Richard cheated on his wife with his now fiancée. I hope you’re sitting down for this. The new fiancée Charlene, knew that the cheating Richard was a good man and she just wanted to be happy for the first time in her 20-something years and she’s never been so happy since he asked her to marry him. Small problem – Richard is cheating on Charlene with his ex-wife, Janet.

Between the Peyton place drama of her parents, her own juvenile behavior and the 2 ladies, with their soap opera lives, she calls best friends, this was just too much. Maybe if the writing was supposed to be humorous that would have made it better; instead it just came across as poor editing and lack of plot focus. Alas, even the dialogue was stilted and so very formal – hardly a contraction in the bunch. In contemporaries, this is the norm: ‘I’m’ not ‘I am’, ‘don’t’ not ‘do not,’ etc. and please please please if you’re switching scenes, tell the reader that you are – use names and not just he said, she said. My last bit – Janice, Janet, Julia and Julia in the same stories is 3 too many names starting with ‘J’.

The only thing that saved this from an lower rating was the HEA and that wasn’t even that good.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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Marrying Her Rich Asian Widower:
A BWAM Marriage Romance for Adults
by Mary Peart
Release Date: June 10, 2016
Publisher: Afro Romance Books

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