Review: One For Sorrow by Pippa DaCosta

one for sorrowReviewed by Jen

Pippa DaCosta gives fans one last hurrah with the characters of the Veil series, in this little collection of short stories. It’s meant to be read after last novel in the series, and in the first two stories, shows that life goes on for Muse and her family even after the last big battle was won.

“One For Sorrow” gives us a slice of life for Muse as she hunts a lower-level demon who is more than she bargained for.  Her mission takes her into an old home of Akil’s and the events give us some insight to her current frame of mind and how she is dealing with the loss of her former mentor and friend. Ryder is in this one, too. It’s a little bittersweet, but ultimately shows us that Muse and her friends are going to be ok.

“Alone Time” is another Muse and Ryder short and really gives a real window into their friendship. It’s Christmas and Ryder realizes Muse has never celebrated before. He gives her a little surprise that touches her in a way neither expects.

“She Burns” is a Stefan point of view, but it’s from earlier in the series. You see how his demon views Muse. It’s cool, but felt a little out of place among the other stories.

And then there is “In Conversation with Akil.” Very meta. It’s the author “interviewing” the character, I guess at a point in time at the beginning of the series. Maybe hardcore Akil fans will love it just because he’s in it, but it felt silly to me. This one little short was not my cuppa tea, but it was cool reuniting with these characters one last time.

Rating: B

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One For Sorrow
by Pippa DaCosta
Release Date: October 1, 2015

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